Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So today is Daisy's first Halloween and at 7 weeks old (almost) there are not many activities to participate in......that didn't stop us. We dressed up and went to the mall. There were plenty of strangers admiring her in her "lil Miss September" outfit! It was fun! 

In other news, we took Daisy back to the pediatrician for a weight check and she now weighs 8 pounds 5 ounces! She is doing so good! The pediatrician said to keep up the good work. She also fixed her belly was never healing, she had an umbilical granuloma? So she burnt it off. I of course couldn't look....I have a weird thing about belly buttons. Good news is, it didn't hurt Daisy so we both survived. 

The other night Chris was feeding Daisy and watching the world news (or something like that) and there was a special on BPA and baby bottles....warning against the dangers of the bottles with a recycle number 7 on them. Chris looks down and what does he see, a number 7 on our bottles. So yesterday I made a trip to walmart and found some BPA free bottles. This was a fantastic switch....the nipple is a different shape and Daisy can down 3 oz in 10 minutes, compared to her 30-40 minutes with the other bottles!!!!! This is great on one hand because feedings will take less time, but it is bad because Daisy still thinks she is hungry after she eats, so we have to soothe her for 30 minutes until her food settles to see if she is really still hungry! Who new that a nipple shape would make such a difference?

Well, I think that is all from here. We are going to take it easy this weekend. I am glad Chris will be here to help, maybe we will get the house picked up? Maybe. I hope all is well with everyone else. Have a happy Halloween!

These pictures are out of order because again I am having computer difficulties, but at least you can see them all!

Grammy bought Daisy some pumpkin socks and a pumpkin hat, unfortunately it was 80 degrees here today, but it made for some cute pictures! You can see Daisy had had enough in the top picture.....she was done posing for pictures!
This is Daisy in her 'lil miss September' out fit in her pink chair

See look at the tummy rolls and the wrinkles on her legs and arms, she is filling out nicely!

This was playtime today. Daisy was holding and shaking her rattle!! It was so cute!

Yes, Daisy borrowed the birthday crown for part of her costume. Fortunately she doesn't take after her daddy and her head wasn't quite big enough for the crown, but it made for some funny pictures!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Like I said this past weekend we spent in Joplin and Grove visiting some very special people to Daisy, including her great grandparents.  We had such a good time. Here are the pictures! 

This is actually a picture from last night. Chris had a banquet for school and Daisy and I went. She was so well behaved, not to mention she was the star of the show. Thanks Aunt Danielle for this super cute gown/dress that she wore last night. She looked adorable!

Lilly was so good with Daisy. She loved to cover her up with her 'blanket'. This is actually a burp cloth. Daisy loved to look at Lilly and try to figure her out. Oh, and this bouncy seat Daisy loved so much we 'borrowed' it from Grammy and Grandpa.

Grandpa and Grammy (this is her beary cute outfit again, notice the shortness on the legs?)
Love this picture. Daisy is smiling at Lilly. The are going to be such good friends!
After bath time, we were sitting under the heat lamp....Daisy loved it!
One set of Daisy's great grandparents: Grandma Ginny and Grandpa Jack
Nana and Jim---love how all three of them have their mouths open!
Our very good family friend (mommy #2)--Loxy. Many of you have had some of her recipes that i have used including her very yummy blueberry dessert! (She also made the mints at my wedding and showers)
Travis, Jessica and their daughter Jordan--I can't believe that Jordan is already 6!
Daisy's Great Grandma
Daisy's Papa (great grandpa). The nice thing about using a bottle intermittently is that other people are able to feed Daisy!
Me and Danielle, my best friend growing up. It is always so good to see her!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Pictures!

So I have attempted to upload pictures frequently and Chris' new computer has been a pill, but I finally got it to work (except now it is underlining my writing?) 

Another great bobby photo session. This outfit says Beary Cute on it and note daisy's first pair of shoes!! (this is one of the outfits that is now too short)

Chris did Daisy's hair this day and it was hilarious! He loves it that not only do they have similar hair color, but that he can fix it exactly like he does!

Look at those long legs!
This is what Daisy looks like in the middle of one of her feedings....this is the problem we have been having, but isnt she so can you wake that up?
More to come soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thank you...

A big thank you goes out to my friends Danielle and Craig. They came over last night and babysat little bit so that I could take Chris out for his birthday. Things went smoothly....Daisy was her usual perfect self and even made a special surprise for Craig in her diaper! Plus it was really good practice for Danielle and Craig since they are expecting baby Jackson this Feb/March. It is so nice to have such great friends. Can't wait to return the favor. (Chris and I ate at Cattleman's Steakhouse....I feel like a true Oklahoman now).

We are heading to Joplin next weekend to introduce Daisy to her great-grandparents. It should be interesting making the three hour trip! Other than that I am going to try to get to work this week to introduce Daisy to the wonderful ladies/gentlemen in my arthritis classes! (They are all grandparents to her also). Should be a fun-filled week.

In other news. Chris made it to the grocery store for us AND we have been making progress around the house. I feel like we are starting to adjust to having little miss Daisy and figuring out how to get things done. Daisy will be five weeks this Monday....time is going by quickly!

I haven't downloaded any new pictures because Chris just got a new computer and I have no idea how to use it (it is a Mac) hopefully it wont be too long before I am able to do that. Hope all is well with everyone.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 lbs 6 oz!

Yes that is right! We have finally made it back to birth weight + 1oz!!! Yea! This feeding schedule is exhausting, but it obviously is working. We are going to continue for a little while longer to see if we can get Daisy eating better before we give up on breastfeeding. Thank goodness Chris has been able to help me so much. I am thankful for his schedule this year!

Here are some pictures, we really haven't taken that many because she is constantly hooked up to me! Here are the latest:This is Daddy giving Daisy her first bottle. Thankfully we decided to introduce the bottle last week before the weight crisis began, so she already knew what to expect! Look how happy he is. Chris said it was nice to finally offer Daisy something instead of trying to soothe her when she was unhappy all the time!
Daddy took this one of Daisy. This was a nap last week. Notice the really cute---Hug me outfit!This is what Daisy and mommy do all day. Eat and then rest on the couch for 30 minutes or so. Notice I haven't had a shower in a couple days here--I am lucky if I get to the restroom without upsetting her!

She is taking a nap in her swing. She does NOT like the swinging motion, she only will sit in it once in a while. She was moving all around and we were able to take some funny pictures like this one. She is somewhat dramatic like her mother once in a while.

Well, we don't report back to the doctor until 8 weeks, unless Daisy's umbilical cord isn't healed by next week (it is still oozing). We will keep you updated. Thanks to all of the thoughts and prayers. Now if only I could figure out how to get to the grocery store!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hungry Daisy

Sorry about the delay in posting, the past week has been difficult. Daisy has been extremely fussy and un-soothable. Chris and I felt like she was constantly hungry and wanting to eat--we just weren't sure what was going on. So Thursday of last week we took her by and weighed her and sure enough she had not gained any weight in the past 10 days, so we called our pediatrician. We went to the office for a weight check and on that scale she has lost 3 oz in the last 10 days. So we visited with the nurse practitioner who is the breastfeeding advisor at that office and here is the plan:

Daisy is a lazy feeder. She often falls asleep while eating and takes her sweet time. Well, we are not going to let this happen. We are going to keep her stimulated for up to 40 minutes while we breastfeed, then we are going to supplement with a bottle after each feeding. I am using pumped breast milk/ formula to supplement her. We are going to feed her every two hours during the day and every three at night. So basically we are constantly feeding her!

We went back for a weight check on Saturday and Daisy gained 3 oz! She is now back to 6lbs 15oz! (did I mention that in a 24 hour period we supplemented 13 oz!--this is how much she was not getting from me!!!) So the plan is to continue with the same plan until she is back to her birth weight at least...then I think we will be able to relax a little bit.

Daisy has been SO much happier! She is sleeping well and hardly ever fussy! What a change it makes when you feed your baby! Needless to say Chris and I are not getting the "Parents of the year" award this year!!!! We head back to the pediatrician's office tomorrow. Pray that we continue to gain weight!

In other strange news did you know that estrogen is passed from the mother to the baby? First through the placenta and now through breast milk. This causes some very strange things to happen--worrisome to first time parents, although I have been reassured by the doctors in the family (and our pediatrician) that this is all completely normal. Let me explain: The first week Daisy was born she had a period--yes that is right, it can and does happen. Lately she has developed serious baby acne all over her face! And the latest development---she has a nodule in her breast--almost as if she is getting breast already!!! We have been telling Daisy that she is way too young for all of this.....I wonder what happens in little boys if the mom passes estrogen to them?

Finally, not only do I not get "mother of the year" award for not feeding my baby, but I don't get the"wife of the year" award either. Yesterday was my wonderful hubby's birthday. I seriously did nothing!!!!! I felt so bad, but I haven't been able to shop or even think about it---he constantly told me that it didn't matter and he had a great day spending it at home with Daisy and I, but still. So happy birthday hubby!--(we are going to go out to eat this weekend when Uncle Stevie and Nana are in town to babysit!)

Sorry there are no pictures, we have taken a few, but I will try to upload them soon. Hope all is well with everyone else!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3 weeks!

Can you believe it? Daisy is three weeks old already! I would like to say that time flies, and it does, just not in the middle of the night! :). Daisy is doing great. She is stretching out her feedings at night to 4 hours with one fussy period in between! She still sleeps, eats and poops....but we have taken a few pictures during those rare awake moments.

This past week has been filled with Daisy getting to meet all kinds of new people---well new to her. She even had her first visit to the hair salon with mommy! This week our big adventure includes going to OBU. I am speaking about physical therapy to a class, however, the class begins at 8:20 and OBU is at least 45 minutes from our house! It should be an exciting day! Luckily Chris is going to be able to go with me and take care of Daisy. If you think about us on Thursday, pray that we survive!
I think that is all from here. We don't have any doctor's appointments until she is 8 weeks old! So until then we just keep on truckin! Hope all is well with everyone else. Here are the latest pictures.

These boppy pictures were taken when mommy and Daisy had our first full day at home together--just the girls! (well and Bentley & Bimmer). I love how shocked she looks with her eyes WIDE open!

One of our visitors over this past week was our friend from OBU, Sarah, who now is actually Dr. Smith! She is going to be a pediatrician so she was showing us some swaddling tricks. As yo can see we caught one of Daisy's smiles and her famous bottom lip.

This is daddy and Daisy playing under her princess jungle gym. She really didn't acknowledge the toys, but doesn't it look fun?

Another round of pictures in the boppy, this was before dinner for Julie's B-day. Daisy did so well at dinner and just slept!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mid-week update.

Thanks everyone for the advice on breastfeeding. So far she has started to stretch her feedings out to 4 hours during the night and is more 3 hours during the day. I am tempted at times to wake her during the day if she sleeps longer than three...but I guess this really wouldn't be feeding on demand. We only decided to feed on demand because that is what our pediatrician recommended. I really have no idea what I am doing. Everywhere you look there is someone suggesting something different. I took a breastfeeding class and I have read some about breastfeeding, but you feel like you never have enough information. I know it will all work out just one of the many decisions to make, I just want to set up good habits from the beginning. I appreciate all the advice I can get.

Thanks also for all the suggestions on picture places. We still need to decide what to do. How does it work for newborn pictures? Right now Daisy sleeps most of the time! Will she be asleep in her pictures?

Well, Nana has returned and of course Daisy has slept the entire time. Nana thinks we make up stories about her being fussy! It is good to have her back. She is leaving tomorrow. But we appreciate her help always.

Here are some of the latest pictures.

Daisy is starting to enjoy her bath time. She especially loves it when daddy rescues her in her warm towel! (the second picture is a little blurry because I cannot use daddy's fancy camera)

Nana and Daisy

Arms up and on our left side is where we end up sleeping most of the time. Her arms are constantly cold, but I can't get her to keep them in the swaddle! At night I dress her in a long sleeved sleeper so at least that helps some! Isn't she so cute.

Yesterday Daisy was awake and happy for about two hours. we played on our tummy and laid on our back under our Daisy jungle gym. She really didn't notice the toys, but it made us feel better than just lying her on the ground with nothing. Actually Daisy's favorite place to lay on her back is in her changing pad. She loves that thing.
We will continue to update as we have more pictures. Love you all!