Monday, December 14, 2009


Daddy was on vacation last week and we had such a good time with him. We spent some time in Joplin, because we are not sure what his schedule will be like come Christmas. So prepare yourself for photo overload!!!

At Nana's house Daisy found this rocking chair, almost her size. She LOVED it. We pulled it from room to room with us! The funny thing is my grandparents brought over a little doll and a rocking chair and Daisy actually FIT into the dolls rocking chair! Hilarious, I wish I had gotten a photo!
Daisy's reaction!
We did end up with one good picture, but you will have to wait for your Christmas card for that one!
Mommy and Daisy in our Christmas PJ's, which I will now call jingle jammies (thank you old navy). How cute is that?
Daisy is enjoying all the winter accessories, she likes to try on Mommy's scarf all the time!
Day two we headed back to the mall, but this time for a little carnival fun!

Daisy LOVES to swing at the park, so naturally we thought she would enjoy this swing ride.....
wrong again! We had to stop the ride so she could get off!
While we were in town we opened Christmas gifts. I know I have mentioned Daisy's obsession with the vacuum cleaner....well now she has her very OWN! Thank you Grammy and Grandpa.
I love how serious she is about it
Grandpa and Daisy with their vacuums!
Daisy also really enjoyed this outfit, she kept trying to wrap the pants around her neck like a scarf!!!
Such a cute picture of Daisy and Grandpa!
I promise Chris was with us this weekend, he just took most of the pictures! We are getting excited for Christmas and hope that everyone is taking some time to enjoy it themselves. I can't believe next year will be 2010!!!!