Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cabin fever!

Anybody feeling it???? Here are some pictures from the last few days:

Daisy had a traumatic experience, okay maybe it was more traumatic for Mommy.....Daddy was in the garage and Daisy was playing. She made her way to the garage door and daddy opened it as she was leaning on it, she fell face forward down two concrete steps....totally my fault! I was right there, but somehow I wasn't processing what could happen! Thus a bright blue huge knot is on her forehead....otherwise she is fine! Thank goodness!
Pictures of our house from yesterday!

Playing 'in' the snow yesterday!
She LOVED eating it.....YUCK! She even got out a spoon! She is so funny!
Have you ever seen a snowman with four round parts?

Watching it snow!
Today the snow is done falling so we headed outside for some fun!
Our street. One of our neighbors lost a tree and we have a branch nicely resting on our house (small branch thank goodness). But thankfully we all have power!

Daisy sledding! You might recognize her sled as her bathtub when she was an infant, or possibly her swimming pool from last summer.....who knew that baby tubs were so versatile!

After the fun, we shed some layers and daddy and daisy looked hilarious (both with their skinny legs)!~
We have had a great couple of days and are so glad that daddy has been snowed in with us! Hope everyone is staying warm and safe!

ps---this is my 3rd recent post so be sure to check below for other pictures!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Storm 2010

Enough said.....
(more pictures to come of our FUN from the past two days)

Year in review

It has only taken us one month to complete this project. Finally here is our year in review for 2009! Enjoy! (We have been stuck in the house due to weather again!) Any indoor ideas for 1 year olds?

We spent some time with our friends in Texas! Always wishing they lived closer so this could be an everyday occurrence for Daisy and Henry!
Our friends David and Tam (and Luke) watched Daisy for the day while mommy worked! Here is their dog Dudley and Daisy, just chillin'.
A favorite picture around here of Daisy and Mommy and their crazy hair and open mouths! Those first laughs and giggles are so priceless....and still are today! March

Daisy starts rice cereal....does any child really like this stuff?
Daisy's first snow and snowsuit experience! She was really unsure about it all!

Another group favorite around here of Daisy waving to mommy and daddy! This is just one of many bobby pictures we have taken of Daisy!

Lots of pictures from this month:
First our family trip to FLORIDA! We had such a great time, although I think Daisy is not so much a beach person? Hmmm....I wonder where she gets that?
Daisy's first boat ride on Grand lake! Daisy did love the boat and I am so excited about this, except I am going to have to overcome my fears of the fish so that I can teach her not to be afraid!
Daisy's first day of Day care!!! What a blessing this has turned out to be. Daisy loves her teacher and friends and mommy has kept her sanity!
Daddy becomes Dr. Daddy and we said goodbye to many good friends! Can't wait for them to all come back!
Daisy in her new room after nap one day! LOVE how red her hair looks here!
Another busy month!
Fourth of July outfit!
We joined our neighborhood playgroup. This day was spent at the splashpark! A new summer favorite. I get excited just thinking about it now!

Daisy in her 'new' bathtub!
Colorado trip to see uncle steven. (and that memorable 'easy' hike up a mountain)
The zoo! Another summertime favorite of ours (I am so ready for nice weather)
Poor Bimmer and his medical issues.....this landed him a one way ticket to the doggie resort and day/night spa known as Grandpa and Grammy's house!
Our little girl turned one!!!
The pumpkin patch!
Daddy's birthday!
Henry turns one!
Getting ready for winter with her new boots!
Thanksgiving! (first time at our house)
The traumatic trip to see Santa.
Jingle Jammies!
Oklahoma Blizzard '09~!
Just being her cute adorable self!
We have had such a wonderful year. It has been fun to reflect and think back on all that is possible to cram into one year. We are so blessed and thankful for our wonderful family!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

More pictures....

We still take pictures constantly of our sweet little girl. I know I constantly say this but she is just so fun and cute lately! Here are her latest photos.

WARNING to might not want to look at the following pictures!!!!
This is Daisy eating spaghetti. Lets just be honest. It would be a lot easier if we all ate spaghetti with our hands! (just very messy)

(Don't worry Papa, she took her dress off before she sat at the table to eat!)

This is how Daisy was entertaining herself the other day while I made dinner. She found a basket from the living room that usually holds her toys. She emptied it and took it to the kitchen to sit in while she emptied my/her purse/diaper bag!

Daisy is getting a lot of use out of her boots since the snow from Christmas is still on the ground! She finally figured out how to walk in them!
Since these pictures were taken, the Christmas decor is down!! How sad! However, we are still the only house on the block with our lights up outside! (it is just too cold). We are enjoying our time with daddy this month so look for more updates soon!