Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Month?

Has a month really past since I posted last??? Where does the time go??? We have been staying busy around here and of course that means lots of photos to share!

Yummy Spaghetti! Thankfully Daisy is such a good eater now! Can't wait to find out how much she has grown!
Birthday party! One of our neighbors had a backyard water park birthday party! The kids had a blast! Here are some of the dads with some of the kiddos!

Cousin Lilly came for a visit and Daisy had such a good time with her! (and of course Grandpa and Grammy)

Swimming! This girl loves to swim just like her mommy! What a summer it has been for swimming! We have had such a good time!
Baby Sara of course!
Crazy hair day at school. We went with the three pony-tail look and multi-colored bows. It was a hit! All day Daisy kept saying "crazy hair" and shaking her head back and forth! So cute!

Daisy is into dressing and undressing these days, and it has been so hot, who blames her, so please excuse these pictures. I just had to share, this is one of daisy's favorite activities. She is so serious about it. She has found one of Chris surgical gloves and she puts it on her hand and then changes baby's diaper. If you look behind her on the step you will see baby, wipe and diaper! It took me a long time to figure out where she learned this and then I remembered that at day care the teachers wear gloves when changing diapers! Isn't it amazing how much little ones pick up on?

The LAKE! YEA! We were able to sneak away to the lake a couple weeks ago for the weekend! Our good friends the Bratchers went with us! We had so much fun and the girls LOVED it!
Please note the mommies are not in this yucky lake water! What brave girls we have!
Each with her own baby and pink life jacket of course!
The water bike! Daisy had such a good time. I could not believe it!

Well, sorry for the delay in posting. In other news SAVE THE DATE: Oct 9th.....daisy's b-day party. I know her birthday is in September but we couldn't get a weekend to work with every one's schedule so we are just delaying it a bit! Cant wait!