Friday, August 21, 2009

More pictures....

We take a lot of pictures, here are some of the latest:

This is my new cake pan that I bought for Daisy's birthday. This is my first attempt at assembling and decorating, I think it turned out really cute. This was for my co-worker Kelly. She is from Louisiana and obviously a HUGE LSU fan! Daisy's cake will look slightly different! I can't wait!
These are some precious pictures of Daisy and the boys!
This is Bentley and Daisy. He loves her. He comes beside her and lays down so she can 'pat' his belly!
I was trying to take some pictures of Daisy's new pants from Grammy and Grandpa...they are adorable.....these are the only pictures I could get.

More bath time photos with more bath time HAIR. These first ones look as if she has eighties bangs!!! Her hair is getting so long!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Save the date

For those of you left around town we will be having Daisy's birthday party on September 12th. Not sure what time the party starts OR what time the OU game starts. Will try to accommodate!!!! Invitations to follow soon!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Some pictures

Here are some pictures taken over the past few weeks:

This is Daisy and I and our nightly goodnight kissing routine!!!!
First a pose for the camera....
Mommy trying to show Daisy how to kiss with her mouth closed, she has recently started to bite after she kisses, so we are really trying to emphasize the CLOSED mouth!
So sweet! She is such a loving baby!
This is might have to enlarge this one. Daddy got Daisy ready for her bath in her room, he even took off her diaper. So when Daisy got to the kitchen and saw her bath she was so excited she peed....a little?
Daisy and her favorite beans! Her daddy cannot understand this because he hated green beans as a little kid. I however have always loved them. She is such a big girl!

Friday, August 7, 2009

My sweet girl

Daisy and I have been having a good time hanging out, just the girls a lot lately. Here are some pics. I love how the lighting was so funny and made this pictures look kindof old!!!

She still has enormous eyes!!!!

PS--love that these little rompers have come back into style, don't you?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We are back from a wonderful trip to the mountains! So many stories to tell, here are some pictures!

The first morning we went to a local coffee shop by day and bar/club by night called Loaded Joes. Daisy enjoyed her morning coffee by the beautiful mountains.
Walking around Vail Village, unfortunately I didn't see anyone famous. Not even Trista and Ryan!!

Uncle Steven and Daisy hanging out while Nana and Mommy look for souvenirs.
Getting ready to go up the gondola.
Going up.....
Starting to notice some clouds forming (to the left)....

Quickly taking a picture at the top while a storm is brewing....we were rushed because we didn't want to get stuck at the top! (they shut down the gondola in rain!!!)
SCARY ride down!!!!! Wind in a Gondola!!!! Thank goodness it wasn't Oklahoma wind!
The next day uncle Steven and I go white water rafting and Daisy and Nana stay home! So many hilarious stories to tell from this day.....for one, lets just say this is the only picture in which I am visible.....I spent most of my time going down the rapids falling inside the boat!!!
After rafting, we took Daisy to a local hotel that was having a free pool party! Daisy loves to swim!
The next day we went to the Farmers Market in Vail Village. Over 110 booths of food, art, and boutique goodies....too bad I wasn't feeling well that day! Daisy and her balloon!
The train ride through the village.

The river through the village.
Uncle Stevie and Nana took daisy to the park while mommy tried to nap.....Daisy loves to swing!

Trying on the hiking backpack!!! She really loved this thing!
Preparing for hiking to hanging lake. We had no idea!!!!
Starting the hike. Uncle Stevie told us this was an EASY trail!
Not sure if this picture quite grasps what the trail was like, but you can kind of see the steep upgrade and giant rocks we had to climb around!
It was a beautiful, but long 1.2 mile hike up!
Steven estimated that it would take us 1 1/2 hours round trip.....2 1/2 hours we are finally at the 1 mile marker!!!
Daisy was having too much fun!
Finally the TOP!!!!! Spouting rock.
Hanging lake!

It was a fun trip, and we are happy to be home! Hope everyone else is doing well.