Sunday, April 18, 2010


Warning PICTURE OVERLOAD! Sorry about this, just skim if necessary! We can't help it that our little girl is so precious! We have had two weekends in a row with daddy and we have had a blast. Let me catch you up on what has been going on. First let me start with another bathtub picture. This one is similar to the one taken when Daisy was 10 months old! I can't believe how much she has grown over the past 9 months! ( I tried to get these two side by side but I couldn't figure it out!)

Daisy and baby Sara....she talks about her all the time! (My good friend from work, Teresita's baby!) She LOVES baby sara!
Just sporting her new hat. I love how she looks so grown up in the picture.So this picture cracks me up. Daisy is obsessed with swings. One day it was raining and she kept asking to swing outside. I could not get her to understand that it was raining so I ended up bringing in her swing out of the garage and she was able to swing! Look how happy she is! Only mistake is that she asked to do this a lot now!
Spring day outside!
Mommy and Daisy shot (obviously around Easter time?)
Daisy's first OU hat! I think she looks adorable, Chris thinks she looks "homely"??? She wont keep it on for long, but I am hoping this will help to keep her from getting sunburned this summer!
Daisy has never used a paci, but she now loves to play with them with her babies. We kinda helped her 'pose' for this picture simply because Uncle steven has a very similar picture of when he was a boy, only that one wasn't posed!
Daisy and I worked on a special project for her teacher Ms. Amber one day. Here is one of the many cute shots I was able to catch!
Grandma and Papa sent Daisy a bunny rabbit for Easter. She LOVES to slide with bunny! How funny is she!

Last weekend was birthday party weekend. Daisy had 2 in one day. The first was for a girl in our neighborhood. It was at a gymnasium. They basically let the kids run around and do whatever they wanted! They (including the biggest kid, Chris) had so much fun! Here is daddy and daisy in the pit!
The kids attempting at organizing the parachute! Hilarious, considering the oldest child there was 3!
This is Daisy and her new BFF Gracie. We are so excited and blessed to have wonderful new neighbors and Daisy and Gracie have really hit it off. They talk about eachother everyday, and luckily get to play together often! We LOVE our neighborhood and are so thankful for new friends! This is the best picture I got of the two of them, they were both so busy, it was hard to get them to stay in one place together for a photo!
Evan celebrated his birthday that day also! Look at the amazing cake Dara made!
The birthday boy
Daisy showing everyone that she's got skills!
Jackson explaining to Daisy about the lawn mower!
I love this picture of Daisy and I. It seems like we don't get many pictures together!
As you can see we have been very busy, but having so much fun. I feel so much better now that the weather has started to warm up! Plus, the blessing of new neighbors! I feel ready for Chris to start next year and ready for us to adjust to his new schedule! (but it helps that we have vacation coming up!)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tea Pot Dance and Jackson

Here are a couple new videos for you to enjoy. To get to the first one, highlight the link below, right-click, click copy, and then paste it into the browser address window at the top of the screen (there are a few out there who might just need this specific of instructions, but we won't mention Grammy and Grampa's names :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Our wonderful neighborhood had a very fun egg hunt today. It was so well organized with different sections for different ages. Daisy was in the 0-3 area! So fun! Here are the pictures.

(So nice of a neighbor to take this picture for us!)

We snuck in the back because I was afraid Daisy would get trampled by all the people, so we had this bench all to ourselves which was so nice for pictures! She caught right on with what to do, she was so cute!

Examining her eggs afterwards. I think she ended up with 8! Pretty good if you ask me!The ride home, eating a chocolate egg. It took awhile for her to figure out that there was candy inside those eggs! Once she did she wouldn't let me carry her 'basket' so she carried it all the way home! What a fun day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Sorry it has been so long since I have updated. We are so excited about the nice spring weather that has finally arrived! Daisy and I have been spending as much time outside as possible! Here are some pictures from the past two weeks!

Grammy and Grandpa came to town for a few days and the weather was terrible! We took Daisy to the Science museum and she had a blast like usual. There was a group of girls that LOVED Daisy and she LOVED them. These pictures are so cute of all of them "talking"
Daisy and Daddy driving the tractor!
Talking to mommy on the telephone!
I am afraid that Daisy has inherited the Goff gene that makes it impossible to take a good picture! I think this photo pretty much sums it up!
We went to Tulsa last month and here are some pictures of the cousins spending time together. I love how Daisy is looking at Lilly here, and I also LOVE her hairdo!
The girls really enjoyed the freezing cold pool. What a good daddy/uncle Chris is to take them took me a little longer, but I eventually caved and got in too!

Daisy and Jackson had a playdate. This was the day before we had 8 inches of snow!!! Hard to believe they were outside without jackets and the next day it was FREEZING! Welcome to oklahoma I guess!

Well, Daisy is up from her nap and we need to run to the store. I hope everyone has a happy Easter. Daisy and I are planning to attend the neighborhood egg hunt while daddy works (poor daddy). I will be sure to take pictures!