Friday, August 29, 2008

Not a baby blog....

As August is coming to a close I find myself thinking about the end of summer and the starting of school. The end of summer was always so sad, yet exciting in a way, getting another year started, especially in college. Back in those summers (2000-2002) between the college years me and my friends always had songs that we listened to. We would make a CD and copy it for everyone so that we could listen to it over the summer and think of each other as we were apart (yes we were and still are really this silly)

Well, this year one of our (meaning any girl who was born in the eighties and found early nineties music awesome!) childhood faves has come back together and put together another classic summer song......that is right I am talking about New Kids on the Block. Has anyone listened to their song 'Summertime"? Every time I hear it I am convinced that if I was headed back to OBU right now this would be in our CD players and Leslie would even have it on repeat in her room as she got ready for class everyday! Funny, how a song that didn't even exist back then takes me right back to OBU every time I hear it, and there is a part of me that wishes I was headed back there right now to be surrounded by the friends I miss very much.

Anyway, I have posted the song above for you to listen to. In addition I have posted some other songs that remind me of the summer, some old, some newer......and just an FYI people magazine gave the New Kids, new CD 3 of 4 stars? Anyone checked it out?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dr.'s Appointment

First of all let me tell you I have been feeling very heavy today. Daisy has also found a nerve on my inner thigh to compress in my pelvis and I can hardly walk at times, luckily she is still a wiggle worm and moves off of it quickly (and then back on it again). I am also exhausted! I slept fine last night (minus the 4 trips to the bathroom) but I think my body is finally saying, enough. It has really been the first day I have not felt that good physically.

I had another doctor's appointment today, here is how it went: +31lbs (YIKES)....but at this point I am not worried about it. My doctor was delivering a baby so I saw the Nurse practitioner again today, which was really great because I saw her last week also, so she could really compare week to week. Well when she checked me she first felt Daisy's head sitting very low in my pelvis which is so great that 1. she is head down, and 2. she has dropped. Bad news she says is I am going to have to try and reach around her head to reach your cervix, her head is right in front of it. She does and she says well you are at least dilated to a 1, maybe more, but there is really no point in me torturing you to find out, we just know that you have made progress since last week. What this means is that you COULD have Daisy this week. I am not saying that you WILL, just that it is a possibility and that you should start monitoring yourself closely for any signs!

This was really great news. I was going to be very disappointed if I heard the same thing from last week (Your cervix is very high and thick, you are not going to have this baby this week) Especially because I had been feeling so weird today!

Well, I am not expecting Daisy this week, I am just thrilled to be heading in the right direction! I know that many women start dilating weeks before their babies are due.....but for me this was very welcomed news!

Glad to update everyone. More to come as we get closer and closer!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

37 weeks!

I can't believe it, but Daisy is almost here! Well, not exactly....last week at the doctor she told me that my cervix was very high and thick and that Daisy would not be here before next week. That is fine with me....I would like her to wait one more week....then she can come! I spent the weekend finishing things up. The car seat bases are in the car (thanks hubby), her room is ready, and our bags are packed! In addition we had our carpets cleaned and the house is finally in good shape again! It has been an exhausting weekend, but I feel so good about it. You know me, I just like to feel like I have done everything I can to prepare for her arrival, even though I know you are never really prepared! I am still feeling good....I really can't complain, just a lot of swelling and pressure....but I think that is all normal. I have definitely started to count down the days and I am happy that I am visiting the doctor weekly. Chris has another busy week this week, but then he has a month of research, which means normal hours--yea! That is the update from us! Here are the latest pictures of belly is definitely HUGE!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amanda's Weekend!

Amanda is married! What a fun weekend here are some pictures!

Mark and Leslie with Chris and me. It is always good to see them, I wish we lived closer.

The beautiful bride.

Me, Stacy, Danielle and Leslie! We always have a good time when we get together.

My friend Becca! What do you think about San Antonio?

Amanda, Danielle and myself. What a fun day! I am so excited for Amanda and Chad, just super sad that they will live 3 hours away.

Switching to Sunday night. This is me and Chris. Our friends from Medical school threw a little shower/get together. It was so fun. We have the best friends. Not only was there good food but fun gifts and an awesome cake!

Here is the super cute cake at our shower! I LOVE IT. It was too cute to eat, but we managed and it was VERY yummy.

It was a great weekend, these pictures are only the highlights. I can't wait to see all our friends again. Here are the most recent pictures of myself. 35 weeks PG! I can't believe it!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Diaper Bag!

I am so excited! My diaper bag came in the mail today. I was not sure what features to look for in a diaper bag so of course I based this decision soley on looks. I LOVE this bag. It is covered in clear plastic so it will be easy to wipe off. The inside is hot pink with light pink and green stripes! And it came with a matching changing pad. Anyway. I am so excited and my husband is not here to share this with me, so I am sending it out via the web! In other news I went to the Dr yesterday. +26lbs now!!!! Wow. Daisy is doing good. I can't believe only 5 weeks left. My doctor said I could work all the way up until she comes, she just said it gets really hard to work 5 days a week, but I am going to try! Well, that is really it. I am excited to see some of you this weekend!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Murder Mystery Weekend

This past weekend Chris and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Yes, we know that we were married in June, but this is the first weekend that we had available to celebrate. Chris bought me for my gift a weekend at the Stone Lion Inn in Guthrie Oklahoma. It is a supposed haunted house in which we participated in a murder mystery dinner, we spent the night and then had breakfast in the morning. It was a lot of fun. Here is a picture of Chris and I as Bobby French and Dr. Alastair Duncan. By the way neither of us died and neither of us were responsible.

I had a wonderful shower last week at work. It was really so fun. I received so many nice and thoughtful gifts. I worked in the nursery all weekend long. It is so difficult to make decisions about things. I will post pictures when it is complete! I can't believe less than 6 weeks left! This week I start going to the doctor weekly this week and next week I have an appointment to meet a pediatrician. It is starting to feel more real. I will post updates soon.

Thank you for praying for Chris and his test last week. I think he feels as good as can be expected about it, not great, not horrible. He should get his scores in 6 weeks or so. For now he has started his ORL (Ear, nose and throat) rotation. He is still gone now (8:19pm). He has been in one surgery since 9:15 this morning!!!!! It is going to be a busy month!
Okay, so I started the above post last night and couldn't get the picture to upload, so I waited until today, but I have a pregnancy rant to add today:
So today I had someone tell me, "oh Mindy I can really tell your arms are getting fat. I am so surprised by how swollen you are"---please someone tell me how you are supposed to respond to this. Should I say, "thank you"? Every woman knows that in the last month of her pregnancy you hold more water or swell, but we don't need to be reminded of it nor do we need each little thing pointed out to us like fat arms or chubby cheeks etc. Just let us be, we are miserable enough trying to find something to wear everyday, we don't need someone telling us how we look in it! Okay, I said my piece, I am really not that upset, it is just shocking sometimes what people will say not realizing what they are saying and no for the last time I am not having twins!