Thursday, January 29, 2009

More pictures....

We have had a great week. With the ice storm we were able to spend Tuesday together as a family. It was so fun being snowed in together with nothing to do! We watched movies, played with Daisy, and even made dinner! Today I have been trying to go through Daisy's clothes. Her 3 month outfits are starting to get short in the arms and legs, but the 3 month pants are still too big around her waist! So the 6 month size swallow her up. So I decided for now she will have to wear her pants as Capri's! (who would have thought that Chris and I would have a long baby!--i am sure she will outgrow this at some point in her life). Here are some of her latest pictures:

Daisy is starting to sit somewhat! I love how her hands are together like she is pondering something. (notice the high water pants and short arms)

We pulled Daisy's hair into a top knot the other day. It makes her look so different. Her hair is sadly getting thinner by the day. I am afraid she has her mother's hair.

The snow day! Just hanging out together. Sometimes Bentley needs some attention also.

This was last Sunday. I think she had just woken up from a nap with slightly crazy hair. This was the second time we attempted church with Daisy and she was such a good girl! Hopefully this will continue. Why is it when you are trying to get kids to smile you make silly faces also, even if they can't see you. I think this bottom picture turned out so cute of the two of us.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Doctors Appointment and trip to Temple.

So last week was so much fun. We had a wonderful time in Texas with our friends the Firestone's. Daisy and Henry had a good time playing. Sometimes it was like they would work it out so that while one was happy the other was crying so we basically had a crying baby round the clock! I am so sad that we don't live closer but know that there is a possibility that might change next year!

Last Friday Daisy had her 4 month check up. She weighed in at 11lbs 10 oz and 24 3/4 inches long. That places her at the 10% for weight and 50% for length. I cannot remember what her head size was but it was in the 75% and the doctor said her brain is growing well. All in all Daisy looked great the doctor said! Unfortunately she didn't have any advice for our difficult feedings we have been having. Sometime in the next couple of months we are going to start solids! (rice cereal first) But Daisy has to act interested first!

Nana was in town the last two days while I was working. Daisy had such a great time. Thanks Nana.

Here are our latest pictures:

Here are some pictures of Daisy rolling over. This is what happens once she is on her tummy. She gets really mad and kicks her feet up in the air---she is really strong. She is learning to roll back over once in a while, but she prefers to have someone else do it for her!

A rare smile from the two of them!
This is one of the few times Daisy was enjoying her tummy time. Henry is not quite sure what to make of her!
Daisy LOVES to examine her hands. They are fascinating. Then she found that Henry had hands like hers! Amazing she thought. She wouldn't let go!
That is all from here. Please pray for us as we are trying to make our rank list for Residency. Also as we are trying to decide who will watch Daisy once Jackson arrives! We will update again soon.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Daisy's new trick!

Daisy finally learned to roll over! Yes, on Tuesday afternoon I was sitting on the floor talking to Jess and Daisy was playing under her play gym when she rolled all the way over from her back to her belly!!!! Then she immediately started to scream once she realized she was on her belly! This is now her new fun thing to do. So Chris and I are constantly having to roll her back over to her back. She is even doing this at night which so wonderfully wakes her up---(and us). Today Dara and Evan came up for a visit and Daisy actually did a double roll all the way onto the tile!

Daisy has been struggling with a cold ever since Christmas---runny nose, cough.....but no fever. Daisy definitely does not like the bugar sucker the hospital gave us---any other ideas on how to get those little green dudes out of her nose?

In other news, Daisy is 4 months old today!!! (also happy b-day to Uncle Stevie--the big 24!) We have her doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am excited to see how big she is getting and to ask the doctor the list of questions I have been making!

Here are her latest pics:

This is one of the few times she has been on her belly and not screaming!I put together her exersaucer that Nana bought her for christmas. I am not sure if you can see from the picture but it has a musical teapot, a purse with money and keys, a two-tiered cake that comes apart, a mirror and some daisy flowers! So cute. Daisy's feet dont really touch the bottom yet! But I think she likes it!
This is an outfit that Chris and I bought her, this was her first time wearing it and of course shortly after the photo shoot she pooped all over it!
These are our good friends Teresita and Rosser!

Daisy loves Teresita
Daddy and Daisy having a moment
Daisy and Bimmer having a moment!
I will update everyone about Daisy's appointment next week. We are off to the Firestones for the week! Yea! Can't wait!