Sunday, September 25, 2011

38 Weeks!

Hudson is almost here!!! I am definitely growing. He is measuring 7lbs 50z, which is what daisy weighed at birth!!!! No longer a small baby boy! We can't wait!

And a picture of me at 38 weeks with Daisy! I think I have definitely caught up!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another picture update

A Picture of Daisy before school on her birthday! This is her Tangled shirt that she also got for her birthday. I love how she is starting to show preferences. We braided her hair like tangled for school!

Disney on Ice.
I have been looking forward to taking Daisy for the past 3 years. I knew she wasn't old enough, but this year was PERFECT! It was Toy Story 3. She was hilarious! So excited the entire time. She talked and asked questions constantly, seriously cracked us up--I had more fun watching her than the show! Cannot wait till next year!!

These first two pictures are her expressions the entire time.

Afterwards Lilly and Daisy with their prizes! They kept arguing because daisy calls Ham, Evil Doctor Pork Chop, but Lilly kept insisting that his name was Ham. Funny stuff!

Hudson's Cars and Guitars Room........

We are not finished but here is the progress thus far!

The bookshelf, no toys or books yet, but I think this turned out so cute. Jen made us the Hudson shelf which fits perfectly!!! LOVE IT! The two cars on top are night lights from target--I also LOVE them!
His dresser wall is unfinished. We are looking for a shelf to go above the mirrors which will hold a couple "Hudson" collectible cars. The car photo to the left is also a Hudson. (and just FYI I would have had no idea that Hudson was a car if it weren't for CARS the movie and Doc Hudson is a Hudson Hornet!)
Jess painted another set of wonderful pictures for Hudson! (she painted a set for daisy's nursery as well) Didn't they turn out awesome? There is a mirror in his crib that we are going to hang on the wall to the right, as soon as we get another coat of paint on it!
His adorable hat hook.
This is the view from the door

We have a little more to do, but really we have made A LOT of progress! Funny how with your second things don't quite get done as fast! Pretty sure daisy's room was done WAY in advance of her arrival!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Daisy blowing out her candles with buzz and woody (her gifts this year along with Disney on Ice tickets to see Toy Story 3)

Basketball goal from Nana, she is a natural!
Birthday party in the park. We were blessed again this year with fabulous weather. Everything turned out wonderful! It was a knight and princess party.
VERY difficult to get a group shot, here are some that we captured! The knights.
The princesses.
Eating cupcakes
My favorite part was looking around the park and seeing all the girls playing in their tutu's and the boys with their swords! So fun!
As soon as we got home we HAD to open our gifts!
Grammy and Grandpa got her this 'pink' kitchen. She had been asking for one for awhile. She was so excited. Her pots and pans make noise as they cook!
So much more to update on. We went to disney on ice sunday. It was perfect. Pictures to follow. We have been working on Hudson's room, I will update with that as well! WE are counting down, two weeks from yesterday he will be here!!!!! I still have a long list of to do' day at a time!