Monday, May 18, 2009

The Beach!

We just returned from a wonderful vacation. Now back to the real world of packing up the house! Here are some pictures:

Daisy getting ready to board her first plane! She did so good on all the flights. She is definitely better on a plane than in the car! Look at all her luggage!
Daisy getting ready to hit the beach day 1. She LOVED her sunglasses for 5 minutes and then wouldn't keep them on!
Playing on the beach.
Our first time in the ocean. Daisy loved it as much as mommy loves it. Look closely at the last picture--her face is hilarious!

At dinner one night.
Another day getting ready for the beach.
Another swimsuit and pair of sunglasses. She may not love the beach but she has more swimsuits than I do, so at least she looked good!
Playing with mommy.
Chris and I went on a date! It was so fun. We watched our first movie in the theater since Daisy was born! We had a great time. Here we are in our new sunglasses.
The beach in the evening.
Another day, another hat.
Playing on the beach with Mommy.

Playing on the beach with Daddy.
This is a borrowed outfit from cousin Lilly! Isn't it adorable! Perfect for Florida.
There were lots of family picture opportunities!
Daisy and I didn't really take a formal picture on Mothers day so I guess this can be it. I have to say spending my first mothers day on the beach was PERFECT!
Playing with Grammy and Grandpa at dinner.
Leslie and Mark drove down from Nashville for two nights. It was so good to spend time with them!
Last day on the beach! How sad!
We had such a great time and wish we could go back soon!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time to baby proof the house!

We have been very busy the past few days. But here are a few pictures. These pictures are from Sunday before Church. Daddy and Daisy match in their pink! Daisy is loving church. She has a great time in her class. We are so happy. In other news, Daisy has been accepted to Day Care. We met her teacher the other day and Chris and I feel really good about it. It will be a really difficult change. We are just very fortunate that we have not had to put her in day care until now!

Daisy is not crawling yet, almost. But she is definitely mobile. She rolls around the entire living room. Which is so fun to watch, but our house is not baby proof yet, thus Daisy has her first ouchy! I was on the floor with Daisy Saturday and she rolled over to the space heater (which was not on) and she pulled it down onto her head, before I could even react. Things happen so fast, which is so scary, I was right there with her. Instantly this bright blue bump appeared on her head and I was really upset. We put ice on it and gave her Tylenol and within 5 minutes she was fine. Here is the picture right after it happened.

These are some cute pictures of her playing on the floor while I was getting ready the other day. Isn't she adorable?

We are still having trouble with Daisy falling asleep at night. She is still crying so hard she is throwing up. Everything I read says it should only take 4 nights and we are working on a week and a half. Any pointers would be appreciated! Hope everyone is doing well. Hope to talk to you all soon!