Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Haircut!

Okay, so I know that this sounds really silly, but I have been putting this "FIRST" off for a REALLY long time. I just LOVE Daisy's long hair! I LOVE that she has hair to fix into a pony tail and pig tails and braids etc...., but the day finally came that it was getting TOO long! So........

Afterwards we had our nails painted. She selected pink and glitter for her two polishes! LOVE it! And they let you keep the polish!!!

I know these pictures mean absolutely nothing to anyone else, but it was a big day for us!!!(and they only trimmed her hair, but they took about an inch off!!) We went to this wonderful place called Snipits. It is an all kids haircut place. (They also have birthday parties--I cannot wait until daisy is old enough.....they fix each girls hair up in a glitter up-do, they paint their nails, then they get to dress up and have a fashion show on the red carpet!!! How cute is that?) Anyway...I highly recommend it for haircuts for your kiddos, they have movies, suckers, and prizes, mini-manicures, so fun!

In other news we got our Christmas lights up today!!! I can't believe it is already time for lights!!! Next comes the tree and then I need to get shopping! Thanksgiving first!!!!! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Who do I love?