Monday, August 6, 2012

I love my kiddos!!!

Daisy is SUPER girly......i REALLY LOVE it. She is so funny. She has been wanting me to curl her hair a lot with the curling iron. So we found these curlers at walmart the other day.....just like my mom used to use (well, first she used to use socks)

 Pretty sure she said, WOW, my hair looks AWESOME!!!
 Chris and Daisy went to a daddy/daughter dance at church!!! SO SO SO FUN. She still talks about it.
 We secretly took this photo of her playing doctor with her puppy. How cute is that???
 Guess who is 10 months old???? H man is!!! His top two teeth are officially poked through and our happy baby has returned!!!! We are so thankful for this!!!
 Please look at how his feet are hooked together. He sits like this ALL the time. There are so many sweet things about him, just like this. For instance. If there is a pillow on the floor he will crawl up to it lay his head down and suck his thumb. Even if he isn't tired!!! IT is like he just has to try it out. Funny!!! Especially since he doesn't have any pillows in his bed!!!

 Oh man. He is a messy eater......he often needs a bath after he eats. We eat spaghetti a lot since it is one of the safe things he can eat right now!!!

Like I said, I love my kids!!!!