Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Daisy's first Christmas!

I know many of you have asked for pictures, and here they are. It is a long blog!!! Let me recap the last week.....

The Saturday before Christmas we finished our Christmas shopping and we took Daisy to see Santa. Her picture turned out so good--she was even smiling! Afterwards we came home and opened gifts from Auntie Pauline and tried to take some of our own Christmas pictures, here they are:

This is one of Daisy's Christmas outfits. This one was from Grammy and Grandpa....she looks so cute in it, however. I did not have shoes to match so she was barefoot! (her tights only go to her ankle).
These are the gifts from Auntie......Daisy is starting to enjoy reading books.
Notice how the boys are helping.

Later that night Daisy sat in her bumbo seat and helped me wrap presents. Her expressions are cracking us up lately.
Then Tuesday before Christmas we were going to head to Joplin, but the roads were kind of wet and it was very cold, so we decided to wait and open presents at our house!

Christmas Eve we arrived in Joplin. We spent the first part of the day with Grandpa and Grammy. Here we are with Grandpa, trying on a new dress!

We always open our gifts Christmas eve from Chris' family. Here is Daisy's new favorite toy. It is a baby Einstein musical toy.....she is mesmerized by this thing! And of course it only plays classical music!
Daisy and Grandpa playing on the floor. The floor is one of Daisy's favorite places. She can stretch out and exercise!
Bimmer and Bentley also had a gift. Bentley had no interest in opening his so Bimmer opened both of them.

That evening we headed to Nana's house. Here Daisy played some more with Nana, Jim, Uncle Stevie and Uncle Jimmy.

Christmas Morning! We spent the night at Nana's and spent Christmas morning there! Daisy of course was the first to get a present. A talking, singing, fuzzy, pink, rocking horse!

Okay, these next pictures don't really do Daisy justice. This is her new trick.....almost rolling over. She starts out on her back , lifts her legs in the air then rolls onto her side, then onto her stomach. She can get all the way over, but her one arm is stuck underneath her.

Mom thought she would be funny and gave Steven and Chris each other's gifts this year. This is them making faces at their gifts. (all was solved by switching sweatshirts!)
Later Christmas day we heading back to Chris' house where we ate lunch and spent time with Uncle David, Aunt Jessica, cousin Lilly, Grandpa Jack, Grandma Ginny, Aunt Debbie, Grandpa and Grammy!
Daisy loves her uncle David!
She was a sleepy baby and slept through the opening of gifts!
This is cousin Lilly and her pink barbie guitar from uncle Chris. Not only can you really strum the strings and sing into the microphone but the guitar plays "girls just want to have fun" and Lilly wanted this song on repeat. She doesn't know the words but loves to act like she is singing and she dances around. SOOOO FUN!
Back at Nana's house Christmas night.
We really didn't get a good picture of this Christmas outfit, but it is adorable. It has presents on it with bows that hang off of the shirt and candy cane striped tights! Nana found this outfit!
The day after Christmas we met Leslie, Mark, Amanda, Scott, Stacy and Maddie for breakfast. What a nice surprise to get to see everyone for Christmas. We had so much fun. The rest of Christmas we spent running back and forth between families. It was a nice Christmas.

In other news. We are getting Daisy's pictures taken today! I am so excited. It is such a nice day outside so I think we will be able to take them outside!!!! Also Daisy has her first cold! Yes, I believe we can thank cousin Lilly for that! Really it isn't too bad. She was just making funny noises in her sleep last night and coughing, and this morning you can tell she is congested. I gave her a bath in the steam room again this morning and I think I will hook up the humidifier to see if that will help tonight.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I am sure I will have more to post soon.

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Videos!

I am so excited to share these videos. The first one is of Daisy crying with her big bottom lip....yes I am laughing in the video because she was laughing moments before and then it suddenly turned to crying. ( Daddy and her were dancing in the kitchen). The next video is Daisy laughing at her silly daddy. She is so much fun. I hope you are all getting ready for a wonderful Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Some more pictures!

I can't believe another week has gone by. Time really does fly. I had another good week at work, and Daisy has enjoyed getting to know lots of new people! Next week is Christmas already and we have to finish our shopping this weekend! Here are some pictures:

This is Daisy and her play gym. She still loves this thing! She really does love to be on the floor where she can stretch out and exercise her legs!

A mommy and Daisy self portraitThese are the PJ pictures from last weekend. Daisy and Ethan had very similar PJ's on! They looked so cute. If you look closely in the background you can see some of our Christmas decorations, including Daisy's pink stocking!
Daisy was so sleepy this day. She did not have a nap. But she looks so cute leaned over on Ethan's shoulder! Ethan's PJ's say Santa's little helper, he even had adorable green elf booties!
I am sure we will have lots more pictures after next week. After all it is Daisy's first Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My return to work...

Sorry for the delay in updates. Last week was a very busy week. I started back to work. It is going well. Of course I miss my time with Daisy, but I think it will be good for me once I adjust to it. So lets recap last week.

Last weekend Grandpa and Grammy came to visit for a couple of days. Daisy enjoyed spending time with them.Monday was my first day back to work. Grandpa and Grammy babysat half the day and Daddy the second half of the day. As you can see Daisy had a good time, when I came home she really didn't react. I don't think she noticed that I was even gone!

but then she LOVED it!!!
Wednesday I returned to work another full day and Danielle babysat for half a day and Daddy the other half! Daddy decided to try out the Bumbo again. (It makes for cute pictures--PS have I talked about this shirt yet? It says "little" and then it has a picture of a peanut on it!)
Wednesday evening was a BIG event. Daisy and Henry met for the first time!!! Here are some pictures documenting the occasion! Henry is 7 weeks younger than Daisy---and as you can see he really didn't see what all the fuss was about, no need for him to open his eyes!
The mommy's and their future son-in-law and daughter-in-law!
The daddy's. The picture right before this one Daisy was screaming at Brian. I decided not to post that picture, it really wasn't him, just Daisy didn't really have a nap that day!
Oh, Henry woke up and here they are playing on the floor. Henry doesn't quite know what to make of Daisy and Daisy is posing with her hands behind her head! (actually she plays with her hair like this when she gets sleepy) Fashion note: Henry's shirt says: Chicks did me and Daisy's: I love kisses (do you see her first pair of shoes?)
Daisy has just recently gained enough control over her hands to start grabbing things. She plays under her gym and grabs the wings of her bee and butterfly. Here you will see Daisy attempting to grab a piece of Daddy's cinnamon roll, she is definitely Nana's girl!

Thursday we spent all day with the Firestone's. It was so fun to spend time with them, but also so sad to see them leave again. Isn't it funny how life works out. I wish we lived closer. In these pictures Henry was showing off his muscles for Daisy (actually he had spit up on his clothes multiple times, so he was going without for a while). Daisy was grabbing ahold of Henry's hand in a lot of these pictures. So cute!*

Friday: Daisy and I returned to the hair salon with Danielle's help again and Daddy was gone to another interview. We did great just the two of us! She is such a good girl. This past weekend we had our friends Adam, Suni and Ethan over and we took some great pictures that I will have to update soon. We also had our first Sunday in church with Daisy this week. Well, Chris missed most of the service due to a fussy baby!

Overall we are doing well and looking forward to Christmas, although there is a lot to be done before then. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to hearing from everyone soon.