Tuesday, July 24, 2012

9 months

This update is a little late. But here are some recent photos:

Hudson has really been eating LOTS lately. Here he his eating spaghetti of the first time! Always  a good photo opportuntiy! Here is a photo of Daisy at 10 months! (I just love comparing photos of these two) LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!
 His 9 month photo shoot. I meant to take more photos later that day, he got a haircut after these pictures were taken, but obviously I forgot! He is looking so much older suddenly. His top right tooth finally broke through so I am guessing the left will be in any day!!! He is a super fast crawler and will put anything and everything in his mouth. He keeps us busy!

 My little man on the move.....

 He has already mastered the steps (up not down). He scares me to death!
 This is his look what I am doing mom, face!

 So proud of himself!

In other news we were extremely protected this weekend. Our house was broken into in the middle of the night while Chris was asleep. Breaking glass/window crossbars woke him up. Thankfully the alarm scared them off and all they took was our computer, but left behind a mess of course. And the police were here within 5 minutes!!! Thankfully the kids and I were in Joplin. There are so so so many ways this scenario could have been worse and we are so very thankful for the safety of our family!!!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 Hudson has lost interest in baby food. Do you blame him??? Who wants to eat mushed up food all the time. He still only has his two bottom teeth, so finding him things to eat has been challenging, but I have figured out he can pretty much gum anything!!! Today we had spaghetti (well elbow macaroni noodles with red sauce). It was a hit!

 I chopped my hair off this week. I have been growing it since I was pregnant with Hudson!!! I was beyond ready to cut it!!!!! I have to say all those prenatal vitamins helped, this is my third time to donate my hair and this was definitely the most I have donated!
 The Haircut. I dont have a before, but just picture VERY LONG and in a pony tail!!! :)

 After spaghetti lunch we had some fun playing. Daisy loves to dress Hudson up. Funny thing is I did the same thing to my brothers!!! She may look like her daddy but she acts just like me!!!

 This is a random picture from Easter. Our friends gave us their photos. Daisy seriously cracked us up that day. If you could see everyone else they were all in long sleeves. Daisy was wearing her swimsuit and high heel dress up shoes to hunt eggs! This is still a common thing around our house. She is actually in a swimsuit as I type, but at least it is 100 degrees out today!!!
Hudson is 9 months tomorrow! Cant believe it! In other news, Chris officially became an upper level resident this week. What that means to us is no more primary call nights. He will be on back up call!!! YEA!!! and.......only 2 years left!!! I feel like I can see the light at the may be just a flicker but at least I can see it!!!!! WE are so happy and proud of our daddy/hubby!