Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekend update...

Just posting another video. (These are video's we have taken over the last few days)Everyday Daisy has more and more to say. She is even expanding her vocabulary! We have had a good weekend, watching football, cleaning the house, and playing dress up. Daisy is almost fitting into her next size of clothes and it has been fun to dress her in her new outfits. We are excited that Thanksgiving is this week. We can't wait to see everyone!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

One of those days.....

We all have them. One filled with all kinds of emotions, stress, and just life. Moments of overwhelment, happiness, tiredness, sadness, etc. I think I will sum up my day with some pictures.We all have them. One filled with all kinds of emotions, stress, and just life. Moments of overwhelment, happiness, tiredness, sadness, etc. I think I will sum up my day with some pictures.

Spent very special priceless time with my baby girl. And yes I hold her too much and I really don't care! She will only be little for such a short time. Today I spent much of our time together sad about my return to work.Wished my friends and their new baby boy lived closer. So much new baby stuff I would love to discuss on a daily basis, but it is so hard to make that phone call.

Missed my dad.Stressed about work, what to do, who will watch Daisy, what about insurance, will I even break even?
Talked with a good friend today. It is so nice to have such good conversation. Wish she lived closer!
Now, I am just waiting for my wonderful husband to come home so we can spend some much needed family time!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Daisy's appointment

Well, Daisy had a traumatic day. Her first shots. How sad was that. She was so mad. I have never seen her face turn so red or hear her scream so loud. I am afraid she gets this from her mother. When I was younger it used to take the entire doctor's staff to hold me down and prevent me from kicking when they were giving me shots. And to this day I do not care for needles.

Anyway: Daisy is 9lbs 7oz and 23 inches long!!!! On the growth chart she is in the 10th percentile for weight, 50-75th percentile for length and 50th percentile for head size. The doctor says she is long and lean! Daisy did so good until the shots. She was talking to the doctor and smiling. She is such a good baby.

Well, Daisy is now sleeping....which she pretty much has been doing since her appointment. Hopefully she will sleep tonight. Nana made it to town and it is always so good to have her here. She says Daisy has changed so much and looks just like her daddy!

I am sure we will have pictures soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008


We have such a busy week this week. Today we headed to Jim Thorpe, tomorrow we have our two month check up and then Wednesday I return to the dentist for a Nana is coming to see little bit and to help out with some babysitting! We are so excited that she is coming. I will update everyone on Daisy's progress after her appointment tomorrow, but I wanted to post some recent pictures.

Daddy promises that he did not fix Daisy's hair like this, it was just magically like this?
Daisy has started standing, especially when she is mad. this is Daddy trying to burp her between feedings! She is so funny!
Well, after talking to a lot of people, it seems that we are in need of a bedtime routine. This is a picture of me reading the Belly button book to Daisy. I should mention that our bedtime routine only lasted one is going to take us a while to get into a regular schedule!

I LOVE these pictures. This is Daisy's bathrobe and matching booties. Aunt Jessica bought these for us, as you can see they are still a little big, but make for hilarious pictures!

Daisy is still doing really well with her sleeping 6-8 hours a night! We have been blessed with a very good baby. She continues to eat every two hours during the day, which keeps me busy. I can't believe I only have three weeks left and then I must return to work!! The good news is, it looks like I will be returning part time! I have heard from many that I will be able to have the best of both worlds by working some and staying home a lot with Daisy. I sure hope so, right now it is a little overwhelming the thought of leaving her with someone other than me (might be my type A coming out? or just the first time parent in me? the feeling that Daisy needs me and only me and no one else will do?) The great news is that Danielle is going to babysit for us, which will give her some great practice before baby Jackson's arrival and Daisy will be in such great hands so there is no need for me to worry!

I think that is all from here. We are excited about our appointment tomorrow and I will update everyone soon!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our First Video...

Hello everyone. Things are great around here. Daisy is doing well, sleeping well, eating well and she is just a lot of fun. Every morning Daisy wakes up in such a good mood this time is so fun for just her and me. The other time of the day that we really enjoy is when Chris gets home from school and she is so happy to see her daddy (already a daddy's girl). Daisy has started to 'talk' over the past week. It has brought lots of entertainment to us first time parents. This is us trying to capture her 'talking' on the video, however you will here mostly Chris and I. As soon as the video camera comes out she doesn't quite know what to do. We are having such a good time with her, what a blessing she is to us! We head back to the doctor for her two month check up next week, Daisy is two months old tomorrow (the 15th)!!!! Updates to come soon.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

OBU all hail thy name...

This weekend was our 5th year reunion at OBU. It was so fun to get together with friends. Leslie even came to town to meet Daisy! We had such a good time. We missed all of you OBU alums who couldn't make it, maybe we will see you at the 10th?

Here are some pictures:
Daisy and Aunt Leslie....this was their first meeting and Daisy loved her!
Here is Craig, not sure what he is doing?

Hanging out at Dara's house!

Andy, Sarah and baby Ramey.
The guys

Family picture
This could be the best picture of the entire weekend. Okay, let me explain....these are the daddy's and their daughters, notice how awkward each baby looks. It is such a coincidence that these little girls were born within weeks of each other! From left to right: Andy and Ramey Wilkins (8 weeks), Chris and Daisy (8 weeks tomorrow), Michael and Olivia Burns (6 weeks) and Steven and Davie Charles (10 weeks).

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The magical 7 week mark

Not sure what it is about 7 weeks, but all of my friends kept telling me the first 6 weeks are the hardest and once babies hit 7 weeks things are great! I had my doubts but this week Daisy started sleeping through the night! Yes, every night this week she has slept 7+hours!!! What a difference that makes! I have been afraid to say anything, thinking it was just a one night thing, but she is doing so good!

Other than that we spend our days, eating, having explosive diapers, playing and taking pictures! Here are some of the latest!

Daisy is getting so big. She was about to outgrow this outfit so I thought we should put it on and take some pictures. This is one of the shirts I made my mom to tell her we were pregnant. Daisy loves her Nana!
Danielle and her mom came by to visit. Daisy was wearing some funny house shoes that make her feet look huge. And note she is sucking her thumb--this rarely happens.
Another bath! She is starting to enjoy bath time!
Since Daisy is starting to outgrow some clothes I decided to try some things on her one day to see what needed to be washed up. Here she is in an adorable outfit from our friends the came from trendy Dallas. 

This is Daisy in her hat that she wore to the park. It is too big but did the job to keep the sun out of her face!