Friday, April 27, 2012


 We just got back from a wonderful trip to Jackson to see our dear friends the Bratchers. We had such a good time! It was a zoo to say the least, but we still found time to go to dinner and have game night! Here are some photos!

Blogger got a new look and I am adjusting to the new features, so my pictures are slightly out of order:

The last night we were there we went to a Jackson General's Baseball game. It was the perfect night! The girls in their matching dresses, they wore these almost every day!

The daddy's and their boys!

 Getting ready to go to the park!

 Flying kites!
 Best Friends!

 This picture pretty much sums up our boys. Bennett is so serious all the time and Hudson is so happy and NOT serious. So fun to watch them together!
 We visited the safari park one day. An adventure to say the least!

 An Emu with its head inside our car. So thankful I was in the backseat!!!! Dave was totally attacked by an ostrich!


Sunday, April 8, 2012


Chris was home for Easter this year. We were so thankful. Saturday we had the annual egg hunt in our neighborhood. She was the oldest in her age group 0-3, and it showed. She was fast! Of course the entire thing was over in 30 seconds but she had collected 4 eggs and was super proud of herself!!!

The Easter Bunny.
Huddy watching the action!
GO.....she was off.....

Some of our friends.
Easter morning photo shoot. Love my kids.
Difficult to get an entire family photo, so here we are in pieces.

Saturday night our friends the Powitzkys and the Hickeys came over, we had our own egg hunt and dinner. This will be a later post all in itself. Daisy was hilarious! As soon as I get the photos I will post. We are so thankful for our friends. Rosser and Teresita sold their house and we are happy for them, but so sad that they are leaving so soon! They will be missed!

Hudson had his 6 month check up. He is 15lbs 1oz (still 10%) and 26cm long (30%). (Daisy was 13lbs 12oz and 26.5cm long!) We got the okay to go ahead and fly even with his peanut allergy. So we are still planning to go see uncle steven in May!!!! Hudson is definitely working on his second tooth! He had two nights were he slept the entire night through this week!!! Progress!!! However, last night we were back to every 3 I only got 4.5 hours of sleep!!!!! I am ready for everyone to get healthy so we can work on this sleep thing!!! (his thrush is gone I think!)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

6 Months! (one day early)

What a month! I have done a terrible job taking pictures. It has been a crazy month to say the least. Hudson is doing so much better! Since taking milk, eggs and peanuts out of my diet we have had little problems. I am so thankful.

I feel like Hudson has grown up overnight. He is sitting on his own, eating solids (kinda) and his first tooth broke the surface on Sunday! He has been a little cranky today and I am thinking he is working on a second tooth!

Here is a photo update from this weekend.

The weather has been beautiful (until today). We have been frequenting the the park! So thankful spring is here. Saturday we went to the zoo and Daisy and daddy fed the giraffes!

This is the daddy giraffe, I forget his name, he was slightly inpatient! Hilarious....did you know that giraffes eat 22-23 hours a day and only sleep 30 min???? WOW! As you can tell Daisy was not sure about this experience!
The carousel of course!
Then, Grammy and Grandpa came to visit! How fun! Another Huddy/Grandpa hat shot!
New books!
This is how I found daisy after nap one day! She is so funny. At least she still naps on occasion, I am thankful!
6 month photo shoot.....

oh yea, I forgot to mention that huddy had his first haircut last was much needed!

Another new hat! He keeps his hats on really well. I am glad, they are so cute!

Sissy wearing the hat!
I have THE CUTEST video of Hudson laughing at Daisy...I mean he is seriously belly laughing. First time I had heard him do that. I will try to get that uploaded somehow. We head to the doctor on Thursday! Hopefully it wont be another month before I update again!