Thursday, November 17, 2011

6 weeks old!!!

I cannot believe it. When you are living in a fog time seems to fly! Here is a photo update....
Chris had vacation last week so we headed to Joplin for part of the week. We had "thanksgiving" since it was the only time we were all together--uncle steven was even there!!! So in true thanksgiving fashion we decorated the christmas tree and Daisy had such a great time!
Papa Jim and Hudson
Papa meets Hudson
Papa Jim brought John Deer hats home for the kiddos! How cute are they??
This week the Firestone's have been in town. It has been so WONDERFUL to have them here and Henry and Daisy have been having the best time. I have to sneak photo's once in a while so they will have something to put in their slide show at their wedding! :)
Daisy is really starting to adjust and back to her cute self at times!
The hud-ster in his boppy. He graduated to 0-3 clothes and size 1 diapers last week. He also weighed in at 9lbs 110z.

These are are new friends that we have gotten close to so fast. We are so thankful they are in Oklahoma! Rebecca is expecting baby Samuel in a couple weeks! Note how tired I look in this photo! oh the look of a mom with a newborn!
Daisy and Bailey playing princess.
These are some of my favorite pictures to date. This was one morning when hudson and I came in to get daisy!
They definitely look alike.
I am going to TRY like so many people to take monthly pictures with Hudson and his Thunder Monkey from Daisy. Daisy made this for him at build a bear while we were in the hospital. It is super cute. It has her voice recorded saying, "I love you Hudson". It makes me tear up still!
Well, I am half way through my maternity leave, I cannot believe it. So thankful for my two healthy, wonderful kiddos!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Photo Overload

We had a super fun/busy weekend. Our friend Bailey is turning two next month, but her parents were smart and had her party early since baby brother Samuel will be here one day before her birthday! Bailey had a pumpkin party with a bouncy castle--so fun!

I know I go on and on about our neighborhood, but is really is fabulous. One of our neighbors had a Halloween party Friday and here is the best photo we could capture of the kiddos....Hudson didn't make the shoot, he was sleeping and I really didn't want to wake him up for this!
Getting ready for the party
Daisy, a.k.a. Malee the baby elephant at the zoo, and her surgeon brother, Hudson
Grandpa and Hudson
Grandpa and Daisy at the same ageHudson and his comb over
Hudson's first bottle
Playing with brother. So cute, can you see her tangled doll right beside Hudson? She kept trying to get him to put the doll in his hand!
Getting ready to trick-or-treat
Showing off the tail.
Sara. The cute strawberry that we went trick or treating with. We are so going to miss them next year!
The girls had a great time! We got too much candy for sure!
We are doing well. Still lacking sleep of course. Trying to get Hudson on a schedule---this is a challenge for me as well. I am not good with schedules! Anyone had any luck in this area?? Daisy is adjusting and we are doing well. Chris is on vacation next week! YEA!