Sunday, July 17, 2011

Potty Training

Oh man. So I have been dreading this milestone for a while. Over the past few months Daisy has been showing signs of readiness. Asking to sit on the potty, telling me when she needs to go #2 then walking in the other room and doing it, and stating facts like, "when the diapers are all gone, that is when I will use the big girl potty" So I told Chris we should pick a weekend he was off and I was off the two days before giving us 4 days to work through it. So we did.
This past Thursday we started. Daisy is exactly 8 weeks away from her 3rd birthday, and we are 11 weeks away from baby #2. I really felt like she is old enough, communicates better than most kids her age, and the closer I get to 4o weeks the less likely I am to get on the floor and clean up messes. So off we set. We threw away all the diapers and donned our big girl princess panties and here is how it went.
Day one--lots of accidents. Every time she peed, "mommy I just pee peed". No successes peeing on potty.
Day two--fewer accidents, but no successes on the potty. She started resisting sitting on the potty.
Day three--she definitely is holding it at this point. She had only one accident. The other times she went in her pull up at nap time and bed time. She started throwing a fit saying "I cant" I cant' when she sits on the potty. (yes, even despite stickers and m&m's and prizes)
Day four--today. We went to church and decided to use a pull up so they wouldn't have to clean up a mess. Before she went to nap at 1:30 she was still dry. Again she is holding it. I know she CAN it is just a matter of her being WILLING.
So Chris and I have concluded that even though she met some of the criteria mentioned above the most important one we overlooked......she is not willing and motivated to learn! I am thankful for a strong willed child however, it can be VERY challenging. So all the information says to pack up the potty and the big girl panties and try again in another month or so! So I guess this is our new plan. YIKES. NOT WHAT I WAS HOPING. (and again there is a slight part of me that feels like I have failed--strange how we put so much pressure on ourselves as mom's)

I know that A LOT of you have been totally successful in potty training your child and I would like to say congratulations and well done. However, for me I have learned that not every child fits the mold. Just like we were told to let daisy cry it out at bed time and in 3 days she would stop......(she still cries EVERY night at almost 3 years old). So I raise my flag and surrender round one and remind myself that eventually they all learn to use the potty. I share this story like I have shared many of my motherhood stories (breast feeding, bed time routines, temper fits) just so you know that I AGAIN don't have this mommy thing all figured out!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Inevitable