Sunday, March 13, 2011


We just had the most wonderful weekend in Texas! Some of our bestest friends now live in Temple, Texas, and this was the first chance we had in a long time to see them! Daisy had the greatest time with her new friends as you will see from the photo's below (somehow we did not get a photo of the adults, just the kiddos! Silly us!)

We got to Temple on Thursday afternoon and we headed to a church park. So FUN!

Luke was teaching Daisy how to dig in the dirt....luckily they didn't find any bugs! She would have been OUT after that! They did hunt roly poly's later and she had to have her daddy hold her and kept saying, "I think that needs to go back in the bucket"......funny girl!
That night we headed to dinner. LUCKILY, Adam and Suni know the owners so they put us in the back banquet type room all to ourselves with TONS of room for the kids to run around and play....that is just what they did!!! At one point they were all looking out the window together, of course it is hard to capture it all on camera....Carson(18 months), Luke(3 in June), Daisy (3 in Sept), Ethan (4 in May), Harper (18 months).....sadly henry (3 in Nov) missed out on night one but his baby brother Harrison(5 weeks) was there!!!
The next morning we headed to gymnastics for open gym!!! LOTS OF FUN!! Except Daisy was slightly scared. She kept saying, "No, No.....I don't want to go down the drain!" WHERE has she heard this????
Jumping with Harper the only two girls in the group....poor Harper is the only girl all the time, I think she was excited to have another girl to play with!
Here is might mistake him for the 4 year old on the mat, but actually henry is 6 weeks younger than daisy....he is just a big boy! So fun to finally see our kids play together!

Lasagna night at the Savages!
So, Daisy seems to have a little crush on Ethan.....please note in the photos below.....everyday Daisy would chase him everywhere! (and harper was right behind chasing was so terribly cute!)

This is her new thing....the looking at you over her glasses!!! Luckily we head to the eye doctor for her follow up this week so we can get these glasses adjusted!!
Ethan and Daisy reading
Luke's house for playgroup and enchilada night!
Seriously Daisy......not okay

It was amazing how well our kids got along. They seriously had the best time! The adults also had a wonderful time. Chris and I spent a lot of time convincing them all how great OKC was and how they all need to move back after residency!!!!! Thanks friends for taking the time to make such a wonderful weekend for us! We miss you all!