Tuesday, May 31, 2011


It has definitely been a crazy couple of weeks. Here is a quick update!

First we had our ultrasound May 19th and ITS A BOY! We can hardly believe it. We are so excited! Pretty much the only thing decided is that his nursery will be guitars and cars, orange, gray, white, and turquoise (the walls are already this color). WE haven't fully decided on a name, but we have lots of time RIGHT????

Everything checked out at the ultrasound. He looks nice and healthy. Funny story. He is measuring a week ahead.--he was 12oz at this ultrasound. I looked back at Daisy's ultrasound and she was measuring 6oz!!!! (her ultrasound was two weeks earlier than this one, but still 6 oz difference is A LOT).

We are excited to have a new addition and I think daisy is warming up to the idea. For a while she told everyone she didn't want either a brother or a sister, then she started telling everyone that she was having a little sister. Finally, this week she has been saying there is a baby boy in my belly! SO CUTE!

Last weekend we went to see Steven graduate pharmacy school. So proud to have a Doctor Mayberry in the family. We then picked daisy up in Joplin on Sunday May 22nd and left around 3:30. The devastating tornado ripped through there around 5:30!!!! We are so blessed to report that everyone in our family is safe! Please continue to pray for Joplin as they rebuild and recover!

A few photos:
I have not taken any pictures of my belly---we are so bad!!! Second child syndrome is already occurring!!! I did happen to get in a few photos from Steven's is a pretty good one of my giant self at 20 weeks!

So this coming weekend we are having two baby showers for two of my very best friends from college! So, I have been doing a lot of preparing.....through all this preparing I happened across two items that baby boy Goff could not do without! It is definitely more challenging with boys but then it is easier to justify when you find something cute!

His first pair of shoes! Completely not practical but absolutely necessary!!!!
I am not sure if you can see but this outfit has motorcycles all over it! So cute!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More destin.....

Here are the last of our photos:

We took some Easter photo's of Daisy at the beach! I think they turned out so cute!!!!

Can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3rd.....

Most Oklahoman's remember this.....

But for me it is sad for a different reason (I am also sad for the Oklahomans). Cannot believe 5 years have passed. I have had two really great thoughts this year about dad that I keep reminding myself of so I thought I would share!

First, two of dad's brazil buddies, godly men have passed away, one just recently and I can picture the three of them having the best time right now! They love to fish and joke around.....I am sure they are having a ball!!!

Secondly, my friend Becca was sharing some thoughts about heaven that her pastor had been speaking thought is to think that heaven will be a lot like the garden of eden, so it is feasible to think that we will all have jobs, however, obviously some jobs wont be needed, like me and physical therapy, so i have been thinking alot about my career in heaven--but it gives me a really big smile to think that my dad is there right now helping God prepare/build all of our houses for us!

Anyway, I know this is totally random, but just thought I would share. Thanks to all my friends who have been such a wonderful support through the years! LOVE YOU ALL!