Thursday, September 30, 2010

Boston in the fall

We had such a great time. Glad to be home to see the d-bear, but it was such a great trip with beautiful weather! Some of the trees had just started to turn so I think we were 2 weeks away from all the colors, but it was still beautiful! Here are some of the highlights!

(you might have to zoom in, but here is a couple getting married, waving to the crowd of people on the street! So fun)
The North End/Little Italy.....yes that is Poseidon!
The group!
Newbury street! So pretty!
This was not our favorite place to eat, but it was on the pier and an experience. We LOVED Legal Seafood's and actually ate there twice! We also LOVED little Italy! YUMMY!
We rode the T of course, a lot! Maybe it was all the photos we were taking but we never quite looked like locals!
Don't I look so smart here? I am smarter for just standing here. I am at Harvard of course! Right before the HEAVY rainstorm came and drenched us!

We rode the ducks (DUKW) while we were there, it was fun and Chris thought it was awesome that they let him drive it!

Our hotel.....perfect location in the middle of downtown, close to the park!
We have so many scenery photos, so I am trying just to post a few! Everything was so beautiful~!

We had a great time and it was nice to spend some time just the two of us. Now, back to reality!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My little 2 year old

So hard to believe that 2 years have passed.....
We had such a great day yesterday celebrating.....
Here are some photos.....

September 15, 2008
Oh my! How she is has changed!

September 15th, 2010....
Cookies for her friends at school...YUMMY!
The BLUE birthday cake daisy wanted!

This is her 'cheese smile' on her birthday, wearing her birthday shirt....
Our own little party with Gracie, Julie, Dave....
Daisy showing us how old she is

Sporting the new birthday gifts, pink boots and a baby of course (she also got a tea set from Gracie, which she says is her favorite!)

We had a great day! I think she did too! Can't wait to celebrate with everyone else. It is like an extended birthday for her because she gets to celebrate again....(the shirt and hats are just a preview of her party decor!)

Happy 2nd Birthday Daisy.....We love you!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Where does the time go? I cannot believe in a few days my little girl will be 2!!!!! Can that really be possible??? She is talking so much lately and cracking me up constantly! This past weekend she spent Labor day at the Garrison farm and had a blast. She is still talking about feeding the horses carrots with papa D, watching daddy ski and lose his boots, and of course Leslie and baby Jolie. She ask me everyday where they all are? So cute! I will have to find pictures from someone and post them! Don't worry, here are some photos for you!

Daisy and Gracie are getting along better and better. Here they are playing at our house one day:

Nana was in town and the girls wanted to pretend to be 'babies', so here is Gracie holding, "baby Daisy".....
and here is Daisy holding "baby Gracie"....I love the smiles they both have on their faces!
Did I mention that Daisy is cracking me up she is one day ready to go to Walmart with me......two babies, one blanket, one baby bottle, and one sippy cup.....hilarious! Side-note: please check out the adorable shoes that Denise bought Daisy for her birthday last year! Thankfully she finally fits into them just in time for fall!!!!
Well, even though the cooler weather is nice it always makes me sad that summer is coming to an end. Daisy and I have had such a wonderful time outside if it would just stay cool and not get COLD!!!! We have a busy week ahead with D-bears birthday, I am currently working on invites, check your mail soon!