Saturday, October 31, 2009

Daisy first Halloween party!

Last night Daisy attended Jackson's first annual Halloween party. We all had such a good time. The adults were encouraged to dress up, however, sad to report only a few did! Chris and I had been trying to decide on costumes for a long time and we were very excited with the results! Here are some pictures!

Dara and Evan(monkey, but he wont keep his hat on so he just sports the tail-adorable!)
The host Jackson(puppy)--how cute is his outfit?
And Daisy found her an OU football player-Gabe.
Aren't they adorable?
Daisy and Mommy!

The family picture: So if you can't tell, I am the "cheer mom" and Chris is the "cheer dad". Let's talk about our outfits: Cheer mom includes pink velor track suit, pink "cheer mom loud & proud" t-shirt, very expensive heart jewelry, LARGE diamond ring, and designer white sunglasses. "Cheer dad" includes "Who's your cheer daddy?" T-shirt, very tight/short polyester coaches shorts, fashionable socks, fanny pack, 'dad' camera, slicked over hair and of course an authentic mustache. Daisy's cheering outfit was accessorized by an OU tatoo on her cheek, nike shoes, and adorable hairbows made by one of the ladies in my arthritis class at work!

I wished we had gotten a few more pictures, Danielle was a puppy along with Jackson and Craig was snoop dog. There was a fisherman and a goldfish, star trek, black eyed peas, a lion, a princess, a beauty queen, and a beautiful witch! We had such a good time and cant wait for next year!

Friday, October 30, 2009


I cannot believe this month is gone. Luckily we have been able to squeeze a lot into it since Daddy was home so much. We are sad that he is starting a different rotation this weekend. We have LOVED having him around. Here are some pictures, we will recap the month in reverse order:
Nana was here earlier in the week. Daisy had a good time. She threw her first 'two year old' fit as we were leaving Target. She did NOT want to leave. I didn't know what to do? So I just carried out a screaming child while everyone stared! Yikes! Here are some pictures of Nana pulling Daisy around the house in her wagon. This is not a riding wagon, although Daisy has turned it into one.

Our friends Scott and Melinda came to town for a short visit. Daisy LOVES Scott! She was so funny about it! That night we also watched Jackson. I'm not sure he had a very good time, but it was fun to see Daisy and Jackson together! (sorry no pictures)
Grammy and Grandpa were here for a weekend. We went to the zoo among other things and had a blast! She loves her grandparents.
The Cromwells were in town and we were able to track them down for breakfast one morning. Luke and Daisy had a great time playing. I wish we lived closer so our kids could play all the time!

Daddy had a birthday, happy 29! and this is us all dressed up ready to go eat steak.
Mommy, Daisy and Aunt T all wore white sweaters over purple-ish shirts! It was so funny! We all looked cute of course!

Yesterday was not the best of days for us. We woke up at 5 am to rain not only outside but inside our house!!!!! Rain was POURING into our front window all over our computer, printer, desk, etc. What do you do with rain like that? Get a bucket? I was in such disbelief I just stood there as if in shock! Luckily nothing is ruined and we have everything dried up! Now we just need to get our window fixed! Gotta love OLD houses! We are looking forward to Halloween! Can't wait to post pictures of our costumes! Hope everyone has a safe and healthy Halloween!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Family time

Nothing new and exciting to report. We have been trapped inside the last two weeks because of yucky weather but we have been able to spend a lot of time with Daddy, which has been AWESOME! (yea for his anesthesia rotation). Last weekend we went shopping for our Halloween costumes (which have turned out really cute) and this weekend Grammy and Grandpa are here for a visit. We have some pictures that I will have to download later of their visit including a trip to the zoo. Here is a picture of Daisy from last week. I am so excited about her new shoes! (you know me and shoes)
Daisy took her first steps last week!!!!!! I was picking her up from daycare and she was so excited to see me so she walked 3 steps to me!!!! However, that has been it. She has not walked since!!! I feel like she will take off one of these days, but for now I am enjoying her "baby stage" a little longer! Hopefully I will have new pictures to update soon. Hope you all are doing well.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Book Exchange!

I am so excited. I sent a few of you a book exchange letter and IT WORKS!!! I hope you all participated, somebody did because Daisy received her first book today! I was so excited. So even if she doesn't get anymore books we evened out because I only bought one book and now we have a new book for Daisy! I rarely ever participate in anything like this, but thought it sounded fun! Can't wait to read Daisy her new book, "God knows all about me"!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

Daddy has started a new rotation, Anesthesiology, YEA!!!!!!!!! Why am I so excited? Because since July 1st Chris has his first full weekend OFF!!!!!!!!! AND he should have weekends off for the entire month!! We are so excited to have some time with daddy!!

So today we took Daisy to a pumpkin patch! I am not sure Chris was very excited, but once we got there and saw all the activities, he changed his mind! This place was AWESOME. It is called ORR Family Farms. They have a train, a carousel, petting zoo, hayride, pumpkin patch, corn maze, peddle cars, jumping pillows, giant sand box, playground, mining for jewels, sand volleyball, horseshoes, fishing, and even a place for weddings! We had such a good time, here are some of our favorite pictures in slightly random order:

There were so many good picture spots around the farm. Here is Daisy and one of the giant pumpkins!
PS--thanks to aunt leslie for this adorable outfit and to the Anderson's for the fall hair bows! Daisy's shirt says "So cute its scary"

Family picture!
Picking her pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. They were just her size, which was so fun!
She was so proud!

Hayride with Daddy
A horse shaped tire swing, that was too big for Daisy.
The jumping pillows! Hard to explain, kind of like a huge inflatable trampoline halfway buried in the ground! The kids loved them and Daisy loved it when the kids jumped and bounced her!
The petting zoo. Daisy wasn't sure about it. This picture was taken seconds before a giant lama almost ran us over! The goats climb to the top of this thing and there is a conveyor belt that the kids put food in and crank it up to the goats. It is funny to see goats climb like this!
A pig! GROSS. I was trying to be brave for Daisy. He felt like a porcupine!
Daisy was unsure about the bunny. It's okay Daisy mommy doesn't really care for rabbits either!
The train ride around the farm!

The Carousel. Daisy LOVES to ride the carousel at the zoo and this one was no exception, except this time we could ride as many times as we wanted! Good thing she is too young to know that!
We did ride it twice. We had such a good day!
In other news, Daisy still loves her pink car. We take it on walks every night, but the car has to come back into the house because she LOVES it so much. This is one of my new favorite outfits of Daisy's! Thanks to the grandparents and friends for all the new clothes!
Earlier this week Daisy and I met Dara and Evan at the zoo (and baby S in Dara's tummy). The weather was perfect. Dara took lots of pictures and she posted them on her blog page, you should check them out. (I have Dara's page linked to my page just click on The Stewards on the right hand side of my page). I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy!