Monday, July 19, 2010

Some of Daisy's favorite things....

Babies......all babies, baby dolls and real babies. Here she is hugging her favorite baby at the moment, baby Sara! problem is, Sara is about to be bigger than Daisy! So cute!

Pink bicycle helmet! love this picture of her, this is how she is all(most of)the time, my happy, smiling little girl!
Sponge bob shoes......note to self and to all those mom's out there.....never accept a hand-me-down that you don't intend on being their favorite! Cousin Lilly gave us these shoes and I thought, "they will be perfect for the pool, play etc" Pretty sure we wore them to church the other day! Not only are they bright yellow but they have a big sponge bob face on them! Daisy did take the eyes off and she tells me every day "sponge bob shoes broken". I do love that she is showing her preferences, I have always really loved it when you can see children that have dressed themselves, I think it is so cute!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July

We had a fun 4th of July. Our neighborhood does a parade, picnic, inflatable games and other games for the kids! Our block decided to participate this year! Here are some pictures!

Daisy and Gracie at the picnic, there was a water slide so the girls are in their suits, but the big kids kinda took over!
Daisy saying Happy 4th!

Here is our float! Perhaps a little explanation? The pine trees around here are all dying and our neighborhood park is being seriously affected. One of our neighbors, his mother is head of the landscaping and she has been very concerned, so we decided to craft our float around this.....
Pine Wilt Attack of the Nematode
Coming to a Pine near you
The kids looked adorable! They had antenna and balloon eyeballs and wings! Some of the kids dressed like trees. We threw candy and waved our flags. We even had a donation bucket for money to go towards replacing the trees. It was fun. However, we had to keep Daisy and Gracie entertained with the M&M's and suckers that we were supposed to be tossing to the onlookers!
We didn't win first place, Tiger Woods Roofing company did......((Our neighborhood was hit hard by the recent storms, thus, roofing companies have invaded and this was popular theme among the floats. However, this block cleverly incorporated Tiger Woods---please zoom in to see the slogan))

Still I am partial to our little nematodes!
Last week Daisy had Hawaiian day at day care. Here she is all dressed up and ready to hula!