Saturday, August 27, 2011

Potty Training--Revisited

Well, since my post a few weeks ago Daisy has shown MUCH improvement in her potty skills. She has been asking everyday to use the potty, and she does, but then she wants a diaper back on. So I have not been pressuring her and been putting a diaper on her. I felt like it really had to be her choice. Then last week she started preschool (at day care)---LOVE me some peer pressure right now. She has been in her big girl panties everyday without accidents!!! The one exception being #2. She knows when she needs to go so she asks for a diaper. SO I have been letting her. (I cleaned up one poopy in the panties and it was totally disgusting!) I just decided if that is how it goes for a while so be it.
AND THEN TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She pooped in the big girl potty--twice!!!!!! She was so proud of herself. (and I am so proud of her)......Right after she finished and we cleaned up she looked at me and said, "Mommy, my poopy looks just like a hot dog"........hilarious! The second time she pooped she said, "Mom, I have some good news, come look in the potty." So I did, "Look my poopy looks like a reindeer, or a horse" She is one funny girl. So I guess all that work a couple weeks ago paid off. I am hopeful that this continues so that it is habit before Hudson gets here, 5 weeks and counting!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby Hud's Shower

A.K.A. the BABY-Q. I have the most creative friends. They threw us the most wonderful family shower for Hudson. It was a barbecue theme so they named it a BABY-Q!!! How cute is that? I have been slightly stressed about not having the nursery ready and not having clothes/blankets/burp cloths etc for Hudson. So we were truly blessed to have this shower. I feel SO MUCH BETTER NOW! I even made my final list of needed items. Thank you so much to our friends!!! I cannot thank you enough! We are so blessed.
Here are some pictures from our shower. Unfortunately my husband didn't get any pictures of the cute decor/food set-up. I will have to locate some from Danielle and then share with you. But trust me it was SUPER CUTE! However, my hubby did a great job of getting photos of our friends and family......

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hudson update

We had our ultrasound this week and Hudson looks great. He is just on the small side (measuring 4.3lbs which places him in the 26th %)--amazing what they can do with ultrasound. Daisy was 7lbs 5 oz at birth, which is average, but obviously she is on the small side now so we are not concerned about his smallness right now. He looks so cute. Since we didn't get another ultrasound with Daisy I had never seen a 3rd trimester ultrasound--it is amazing how much bigger he is! He is already squished! You could see the outline of his face so clear and he was sucking constantly--so cute!(praying for a good eater!) Overall a very good appointment, they are going to re-assess his size in another month, which may mean another ultrasound--but I feel good about things.
In addition, they did an ultrasound to my 'hernia' and they think it is likely a varicose vein! This means no surgery necessary--it should go away after delivery. Basically we are just going to wait and see--if it goes away great! If not, then I will go and see a general surgeon. So we had a very good week around here!
This ultrasound made Chris and I very excited. Although we both aren't sure if we are ready for the sleepless nights we are so excited to be having another little one around. Daisy is such a blessing. I looked back at her photos the other day and found this one. Amazing how fast they grow! We will keep you updated!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fun Weekend!

Here they are eating lunch, and although Henry looks older than Daisy he is actually 7 weeks younger!
Finally a beautiful photo of myself at 32 weeks~! Don't mind the puffiness in the face--it has begun! At least I am on the final countdown. Thursday is our ultrasound day. Pray that it goes well (especially because I will likely have to go alone).

Chris and I were also blessed to be able to go out last night (went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love--and we both enjoyed it!) Thank you to Uncle Mike for watching Daisy. She had the best time and has asked for Mike to come back over multiple times today! We have the best friends in the world.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

31 week update!

A few things to update on......

First we have a name!!! YEA!!!! Hudson Christopher Goff! This was a difficult decision for us, but his name seems so perfect now!

Secondly we have a date! Hudson will be making his debut on October 4th 2011!!!!!! We are so excited. That means only 8 weeks left!!! YIKES!!!!!!! Lots to do!

Thirdly, I had a less than stellar doctors appointment this week and ask that you all pray for us and me in these final weeks. First of all my doctor confirmed that I indeed have a hernia. Not so fun. This means that in addition to my c-section I will now face hernia repair surgery. The good news is that my doctor is going to try to coordinate with a general surgeon to have them done at the same time, the bad news is that 2 surgeries at once does not sound fun to me. I am electing to do the c-section to avoid what happened last time, however, the way things are shaping up for me I am not sure that I was designed to birth babies!!!
In addition to the hernia news, I am measuring small??? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??? Look at the photos below....

Daisy Pregnancy--31 weeks
Hudson Pregnancy--31 WeeksLast Pregnancy I had gained 21lbs at 31 weeks, this pregnancy I have gained 18 so I guess that is the difference???? They have scheduled me for another ultrasound just to double check that everything is okay and take another measurement. Please pray that Hudson is healthy. Daisy was not particularly small--7lbs 5 oz and at our first ultrasound Hudson was measuring a week ahead--so, I am trying not to worry but obviously I am concerned! The ultrasound is scheduled for 1:00pm Aug 18th. The doctor acted like she was not concerned, so I am trying to look at this as another time I get to see, baby Hud before he comes!

Lastly I leave you with some photos of our girl. These were taken at a birthday party last weekend. She LOVES her cupcake icing! I cant believe she will be 3 next month! CRAZY!
PS--we go see the eye doctor again this week and I am hoping we will be done with the eye patch! Its going to be a big couple weeks for the Goff family! (oh and don't forget to watch the video post below)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Daisy Spears