Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another great week!

Well, it finally happened. Daisy has started to kick me! Thursday night Chris and I decided to eat some mexican food (I had been avoiding this because it had earlier made me sick). When we got into bed that night I was listening for Daisy with my stethascope (this is a regular practice of mine before bed) and I was conviced I was hearing her heart beat. Don't worry, Chris quickly informed me that I was infact hearing my own heartbeat. (Disclaimer: I had the stethascope really low, below my belly button and to the right, not a normal spot to hear your own heartbeat!) So, Chris and I got a big chuckle out of this one, once I stopped with all the laughing I felt a little kick, and I was like, was that Daisy? Then a few minutes later I felt it again! I was so excited. I had Chris try to feel and guess what she kicked again and her Daddy was able to feel her! It was such a great night. Just a little reminder of the miracle that is going on inside you!

In other news, we ordered a CRIB!!! I feel so much better now that it is on its way! Chris and I had been trying to find a crib for a while now, and nothing was the perfect fit. I had in my mind that I was going to create this super girly room with a canopy bed, fabric hanging from the sides of the canopy, a pink chandelier, etc. etc. Well, the canopy bed was very expensive and as I did more research I think that creating a super girly 'big girl' room will be a much better idea! Thus we are going a whole new direction. Here is the crib we have ordered.

As you can see it is very modern, which we love. Next step we are going to find a dresser that can double as a changing table, look for bedding, and then a rocking chair! I am excited to go this new direction. I just need to start deciding what colors etc. Well, I think that is all from here. Hope to hear from everyone soon.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

22 weeks!

Hello to everyone. I know I just posted pictures last week, but just an FYI, I am getting bigger by the day. In fact, for those of you wanting to know what 7lbs of weight gain in 4 weeks looks like, please see below. It is funny how it just all of the sudden is there and it is only going to get bigger! I am still waiting for confirmation that I am feeling lil miss Daisy. Every night I lay really still and I eventually feel a little bump. I am pretty sure that is her, I wish I could feel it more often--I love that feeling. We went to the doctor last thursday and her heart was strong! It is always good to hear that. I think that is the update on her.

Chris was so good to me on mother's day. I have had this persistant knot on my back and I am constantly asking him to rub it, so he bought me a pregnancy massage at a local spa! He said he wanted to buy me something for mother's day and not just the baby. It was so sweet. He just finished his OB/GYN rotation and is basically on vacation for the next two weeks. It is so good to have my hubby back.
Crib update: still haven't found one.
Lastly, I wanted to post these pictures. This is an outfit that I bought my little girl. I am so excited about it. (It says "Lil Miss September")I have not bought her anything yet, and I just couldn't pass this up. (and I can exchange it if she comes early) I hope everyone is doing well.