Saturday, February 25, 2012


These are our friends the Hickeys! The boys are almost the same size even though they are 8 weeks apart!!!

All four kiddos!

Not sure if this is okay to post, but I decided it was too funny not to share! Daisy tends to have to sit on her potty a long time, she likes to sit alone, the other day she started yelling that she needed a magazine, so we brought her one and this is what we found!!!! I wonder where she has learned this????
These are my beautiful flowers my hubby sent me for valentines day! I love them they are so neat!!!
Does he look like his daddy?
or his mommy???
Poor huddy has had a bad week. This photo pretty much sums it up!!!! He has suddenly found his thumb!!! I am seriously discouraging this, but it seems to be the only thing soothing him right now. He had a skin flare up/allergic reaction wed at school and we have been struggling ever since, shortly after i took this photo his skin flared up again, you can see some redness beginning on his face and neck! He has cried more this week than he has his entire life!!! I feel so bad for him!!!! I'm ready to have my happy boy back!!!
Daisy started gymnastics this week. She was so super excited!!!
Isn't her leotard so cute?
Dancing Daisy!!!

Huddy will be 5 months a week from tomorrow!!! Cant believe it! He has started sleeping better this week! Halleluiah!!! I have had 5 nights now of 6 consecutive hours of sleep!!!! I'm praying we have turned a corner!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

4 month update

Hudson went to the doctor this week for his 4 month check up. He is 12lbs 14oz (10%), and 24.5 inches long (25%) I looked up Daisy's stats at her 4 month appointment and she was 11lbs 10 oz and 24.75 inches long. Both of them are skinny babies!!! Hudson is right on target developmentally but he has dropped from the 25% to 10% for weight so we have to make a conscious effort to feed him. We got the okay to start cereal--it did not go super well the first day. He had no idea I was putting it into his mouth!!! SO funny. Here are some recent pics:

We got out the pink saucer today from the attic. (thanks Amanda for the idea, I saw Blake in his and thought Hudson might enjoy it).....Daisy enjoyed showing him how the toys worked.Chris called me and told me to take his son out of the pink saucer and that he wasn't allowed back in it, but these are the joys of being the second child!!! Hand me downs!!!

Please ignore the greasy hair of Hudson's. It is baby oil. I am trying to help his poor dry skin by making him a greasy monkey every day!!! Look how red their hair looks here!!!
Grammy, Grandpa, and Lilly came to town today. Grandpa found Huddy a matching hat! SO SUPER CUTE!!!
Hudson is such a happy baby and I am glad I am finally able to catch some of his adorable smiles! This week it hit me on my way to work as Hudson is screaming (he still hates the car) and daisy is signing one of her made up songs, I really love my life. I am so blessed and thankful for my wonderful husband and children!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Guess who's...


Huddy-B is 4 months are his photos.

This is a photo of daisy and her new 'daisy' shirt from Grammy and grandpa.....I am not sure if anyone has seen this shirt. It is from baby gap. Zoom in and you can see on the shirt is a girl with purple glasses and a pink hair bow in her hair!!! How perfect is that????

These two are just so stinkin' cute! We are super blessed! Hudson heads to the doctor on Tuesday for his check up and shots :(. I am guessing he is around 14lbs. We will see???? I will update later this week.