Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oklahoma weather, again!

What a couple of weather weeks it has turned out to be. We had one amazing hail storm around here in case you haven't heard! It truly was is some of the video we took...I know it is long, but we didn't tape the entire storm and I edited out parts of the video!!! My favorite part is how at first we are taping and we think that our cars are getting it bad and we haven't seen a portion of what is about to happen!

All in all, we are doing fine. Pretty sure we have roof damage, the front of our house the siding is toast, gutters toast and 4 windows. Our cars are not much better Chris' estimate from the adjuster was $7800 and mine was $4800, but we have already been told from a body shop that Chris car cannot be fixed for that amount!!! However, the earliest appointment they have for Chris' car is Aug 9th!!!!! What a mess! The adjuster is coming out to our house next week! We will see what they say! Thankful for insurance at this point, but hating deductibles! Hopefully we are done with bad weather, and really I am not complaining, because at least our home is standing and we are all safe and fine!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a week!

Daisy had her second ear infection this week, so we have been battling that and to top it off I pulled a muscle in my leg and was unable to walk for 24 hours! Chris had his hands full. Thankfully Grammy and Grandpa are in town and they were able to help with Daisy! And both Daisy and I are doing better now! Here are some pictures to catch you up!

Mother's Day!
I had a wonderful mother's day. Daisy sent me some tulips at work on Friday and then Chris gave me a "mommy's day out" next weekend! It is a surprise and I couldn't be more excited! That was really thoughtful!

and our Mother's day shoot went a little like this:

crying daisy
wont look at the camera daisy
talking daisy
showing daddy what we found. oh well, at least we are both in the picture!

Just some catching up to do. Before we left for Mexico Chris was able to go to the first ever OKC Thunder playoff game held in OKC! He had such a good time and I can say I was a little jealous! Here is the view from his seat! We were so proud of our Thunder!
This is Daisy and her new friend Gracie. These girls have really hit it off! They Love to play together!

Beckett's birthday party!
We had such a fun time last weekend at another neighborhood birthday party. It was beautiful outside and they cooked out. There was so much for the kids to do, and it was fun for the parents to all get to meet and talk! We are blessed with such a fun neighborhood!

Daisy on the BIKE! She cannot wait to get one of her own!

The adorable kids table. Birthday boy at the head and Gracie and Daisy at the end!
She loves this power wheel, although she doesn't know how to steer!!! Constantly running into things or running over flowers!
Bouncing with Daddy!
Cake! This was hilarious....exactly how many kids do you think put their fingers in that cake before the candles went out???

Vacation pictures!
I know I already said this but we had the most wonderful time. Everyone has been asking for more pics so here they are!

First let me start off with a picture of the 'loot' daisy came home with from the grandparents! This is just the EXTRA stuff, things she did not leave OKC with!!!! (one pile of clothes and most of the shoes are being borrowed from her cousin lilly! but still!!!!) So you can say she was well taken care of while we were gone!Okay back to mexico!

The view from our balcony!

This is where I spent most of my time! Reading and relaxing on the beach! (and yes that is the twilight series sitting beside me perfect beach reading!)
Chris eating some interesting/disgusting soup! Who eats this kind of stuff?
We swam with the dolphins!!!! This was my favorite day! The dolphins were at a water park, so we got to enjoy some water slides and then swim with the dolphins. Of course camera's are not allowed so we only have one picture but if you ever get the chance to do this SO WORTH IT!
Bicycle tour to the ruins.....

We had such a great time and would recommend a vacation without kids to everyone!!! It was so nice to have my hubby all to myself! When can we go back?

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3, 2006

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