Sunday, April 26, 2009

Long time no blog.

I am so glad my days of single parenthood have ended. HOW do you single parents make it? Last month was so difficult without Chris here--we are so happy to have him back home! He is now on vacation until graduation May 31st! I cannot believe he is going to graduate next month! We are so proud of him. In other news, Daisy is finally feeling better. Thank goodness! I hope she never gets that sick again! She is now 7 months old and her bottom two teeth have come in! She is such a big girl! Last night was our first night of letting her cry it out to go to sleep, and it went well! She only cried for 30 minutes, then woke up and hour later and then cried 30 more minutes, then fell asleep until 4:30, then cried 15 minutes and slept until 8:20! She did so good, and I even survived! Supposedly it only takes 3 nights and then they wont cry, I will keep you posted.

We haven't taken a lot of pictures lately but here is what we have:

This is Daisy with her top knot again! I think she looks so cute like this.

Hello everyone. I am sitting here playing while daddy folds the laundry!
OOOO.....maybe I will help him out a little, I do love socks.

This is us before Daddy's awards banquet. We couldn't find anyone to babysit, so we took her with us. She was so bad--she is never bad, but she SCREAMED for 45 minutes straight!!!! We couldn't get her to quite down. I think she was tired and overstimulated.

You may have to enlarge this picture, but you can see her bottom two teeth peeking out!
Playing before bedtime with our Easter basket from Auntie Pauline.

Oh yeah, and we are MOVING! We are set to close on this adorable house the first of June! We are very excited about being closer to the hospital! We went yesterday to try and pick out some paint colors! Here are some photo's I didn't get good pictures of everything so this will just let you get the idea:

The master bedroomThe front living room.

The family room

The Kitchen---we will keep it this color because I LOVE it!
The purple dining room that yes we will paint.
The backyard
That wraps it up from here. It will be a busy few weeks. We are heading to Florida for vacation soon. We are so excited! Hope everyone is doing well.

Friday, April 10, 2009

It's a UTI....

Well, I started to freak out a little. Daisy started getting another fever on Thursday night. We had 4 wonderful fever free days and then it all started back again. The crying, the fever, no sleeping. Luckily Chris drove home last night and was able to take Daisy back to the doctor today. Luckily again when they went Daisy's fever was 103.8 and she was screaming uncontrollably, so they got to see first hand how miserable she has been. One chest x-ray and urinalysis later we find out Daisy has a UTI (urinary tract infection). This is actually not common in little babies, so after this course of antibiotics (which she has thrown up twice now---considering the bottle was over $100 that is probably $10 worth of medicine she threw up!) anyway after the antibiotics Daisy will have to go through some more testing to make sure her anatomy is all normal and her kidneys are fine! I am just so thankful to finally have an answer. Please pray for her as she is recovering, and pray that we all get some sleep! Needless to recent pictures sorry!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Best week ever...

Anybody ever see this show? I would like to nominate ourselves for the best week ever. First Chris started his rural rotation, so he has not been home. Then Daisy cut two teeth. Then Daisy came down with a terrible virus that we have been fighting since Tuesday. She is running a really high fever and when it spikes (usually at night) she starts to throw up. Anytime she is awake she is crying, we cannot get her to calm down until she falls asleep. My mom came to help out and then yesterday Chris came home! Thank goodness. I don't think I could have done it alone. Daisy is still fighting it. Please pray for her to feel better and that it is nothing serious. Also pray that we are able to start getting some sleep. Hope everyone is doing well. Here are some pictures I took before the illness started. This T-shirt has our high school mascot on it and says lady eagle in training. It is so cute! Don't mind the hair, she just had a bath and we didn't brush it.