Friday, January 21, 2011


Hmmmm....I have heard more words that I do not know how to pronounce or understand in the last few hours. However, I have a feeling that I will soon know more than I ever wanted to know.

Let's start at the beginning: a few weeks ago Daisy's teacher at school noticed her eyes weren't quite focusing correctly. Chris and i also began to notice it. After talking it over with a few great Optho guys we made an appointment for daisy to get her eyes looked at.

Here is the short version: Basically her left eye sits slightly towards her nose--not very noticeable. She is having difficulty focusing with that her brain is only using the images from her right eye. This is very evident if you cover her right eye, she squirms and pushes your hand away because she cannot see well out of her left. What this means--she has Accomodative Esotropia. What does this mean?

That these:

and these(her glasses are purple on the outside and pink on the inside with little flowers on the sides, this picture is of the brown and pink ones)

are in our future. Starting next week!!!! Full time glasses and 2 hours a day with an eye patch on her good eye! OH MY! Any tips and advice on how to get a toddler to keep glasses on and an eye patch will gladly be accepted.

I am having a hard time with all of this. Not really sure why...I know there are millions of people that wear glasses but no one her age should have to wear glasses! So, I am a little sensitive about it so no jokes please! :)

Daisy hasn't really realized what is about to happen. Next week should be a challenge for both of us. The good news is that this treatment should correct her problem and often kids outgrow it with treatment. (I did read that patching can last until they are 6 or 7!, please pray this is not the case!) She could need glasses in the future for a totally unrelated issue, so lets hope it is a quick recovery!!!!!

Daisy did so well at the Doctor's office. And received well deserved ice cream (smoothie) afterwards! I will keep you posted on how the adjustment goes and of course pictures of our little princess in her princess glasses!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Let's go Thunder!

Last night Daisy attended her first ever NBA game. She was SO excited. I wish so much that I could have taken video of her, but I am only one person. Getting the two of us to the game was enough challenge for me!

She was so excited after we parked the car. It is kinda a long walk, indoors but through some sky walk tunnels. She kept asking, "where's the basketballs?" and she was running and falling, running and falling. It was hilarious!

Once we were there she had to walk up all the steps by herself! OH MY! Our seats were all the way to the top on the back row! Luckily they were on the aisle. Before the game she sat in her seat mesmerized by the court, she danced and then Rumble the bison came out.......WOW.....she loved that bison! She wanted to know what he was doing at all times!

She even got into the cheers! I was so proud. She would sit her sippy cup down and clap and yell De-fence......(a little out of sinc!) and "let's go Thunder" She was seriously so cute!

Here are some photos of us before the game!

I am so thankful that we are able to do fun things like this together! LOVE this girl!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


We just got back from our wonderful vacation to Durango! We had so much fun with Jake and Courtney--we were so lucky to be able to go with them! Here are some highlights!

First Day getting ready to hit the slopes....sun is out 40 degrees so beautiful!

At the top. This was seriously one of the prettiest places we have ever been!

Day 2 and 3 LOTS of snow....over 30inches!!!! Have you ever skied in snow that deep? VERY challenging! On the up side, it doesn't hurt when you fall into 30 inches of snow!
I was trying to capture how much snow had fallen, here is a good shot of the firewood shed at our condo building....
Last day....sun is out! Unfortunately the high was only 9 degrees that day! Lots of good skiing!New years eve!New years torch parade (ski patrol skiing down the mountain with lights! pretty neat) and firework show.......great thing was it was at we were in bed early!
Driving home.....the car reports negative 23 degrees as we are leaving Colorado!!! That is COLD for anyone wondering! We had such a wonderful time and no one was injured! Not bad for taking a 10 year break from skiing! Lets hope it is not another 10 years before we are able to go again!