Thursday, March 18, 2010

18 months

We have been visiting the zoo again!! YEA! Today was absolutely crazy! Almost stand-still traffic!! It was unbelievable. This is Daisy's new pet.....

Daisy has been asking to go outside daily, "I wanna outside" I opened the back door and the next thing I know she was out with her shopping cart! Hilarious. Today she took baby outside to swing and slide!
I bought some cute headbands at walmart and I am so excited that she can finally wear them! Isn't she looking so old?
This weekend Aunt Leslie(and baby girl J) comes to town as well as Grammy and Grandpa! Daisy is supper excited! Hopefully this oklahoma weather will cooperate!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Charlie bit me"

Okay, so not Charlie but someone bit Daisy at daycare today. I know it is inevitable and next time she will probably be the biter, but still isn't it so sad!!!! The picture isn't that great but there is a perfect circle of teeth marks in her arm, from what we can tell it didn't break the skin so dont panic everyone! I guess Daisy had a toy that another child wanted so he/she bit Daisy! Anyway...just wanted to share!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I am so happy that I finally found our camera cord!!! Here are the latest pics:

First Daisy would like to say Happy Birthday Nana! (it was yesterday) So happy to have a Nana like you. Can't wait to see you again!

Daisy has been so cute lately. Not that I am biased at all! She is full of hugs and kisses. Here she is hugging on daddy after nap one day!
This is Daisy's super cute coat that she got for her birthday. It is her NICE coat, for church, etc. The other day she wanted to put on her coat and hat and go bye, bye. This is her with a part of my work bag that she is using as her purse and keys! So funny! She kept saying, "Bye, bye"

Another bath time pic, they just never get old!
Chris was so nice to play a surprise b-day party for me, unfortunately, Daisy and Chris both came down with a terrible stomach we had to cancel. I had a great time eating my cake though! This is a picture of Daisy on one of her sick days, see how happy she still looked!
The other day I heard Daisy go back to her room, so I thought, when I went to check on her, she was in the guest room in the dog bed with her baby just playing away! So cute!
She is growing up so fast! She even helps me take out the trash~!

Today we colored for a while. I think I might need to invest in an activity table that is her size!

In other news. The weather is starting to be nicer. Daisy and I have been spending every warm minute outside. This weekend Daddy was even able to join us at the zoo! We are so looking forward to spring. On my birthday I got my haircut. I was a little undecided at first debating if it was a "mom" haircut or if it was "trendy"......but I have decided that I like it. Change is always hard, even if you instigated it! So I will leave you with some pics of my new do! Hope everyone is doing well!


Lost is our camera cord that downloads pictures to our computer....sorry about the delayed posting. Hoping to find it soon!!! I have a sneaking suspension that a little toddler 'hid' it from us! We have taken some good pictures so I am excited to post soon! Can anyone else just sense spring around the corner????