Saturday, February 27, 2010


Last week Chris was on vacation! Yea. We headed to Kansas for a couple days to see Steven and then to Lilly's 4th birthday party! These pictures are in reverse order....sorry!

Daisy and Uncle David....we don't get to see him enough. Daisy enjoyed spending time with him!

Daisy showing Lilly how to REALLY eat a cupcake!
Daisy just had to be one of the BIG kids......all day long she did whatever anyone else did!
Not only does she look just like her daddy but she acts just like many little girls LOVE cars?
One of the many slides. Daisy LOVED them! In fact she went down by herself so many times! Lilly always had to go with us, but not Daisy she was absolutely fearless!

Lilly was supposed to lead the line into the inflatable area, but she was too problem, enter Daisy......This was Daisy's face as she realized what was in front of her....big bouncy inflatables!
This is Daisy sitting with Aunt Jessica and all the other kids on the bench as they were 'watching' their safety briefing!
Daisy and mommy pre-party!
Chris and I headed to Kansas to see Steven. He has been in pharmacy school for the past 3 years and we have not made it up there to see him yet. So with a pit-stop in Joplin to drop Daisy off at the grandparents for two nights, we went up to Lawrence. We had such a good time. Here are some photos.

The first day Steven took us around KU and downtown Lawrence. We each were treated to a KU t-shirt! To be worn of course only during basketball season! This is an intersection near where steven lives......funny.
These are some photos of the campus. So pretty. Love college campuses. This is a row of Frat houses. Some seemed as large as the dorms at OBU!!!! Also this fountain is decorated with water bottles to give the illusion of ice!
This is my favorite picture. The building behind us says University of Kansas and I am proudly sporting my OU shirt.
This 'nest' actually called the 'bedazzler' (not to be confused with the gun that places sequins on your jean jacket) is a piece of art that was constructed last year at KU. Ironically it was constructed by someone from Oklahoma city! It is made from drift wood.

We had such a good time. College towns are so fun, with lots of cheap we took full advantage from free ping pong, to free pinball, 1/2 price latte's, and even an evening of bingo! So glad we were able to spend some time up there. Daisy had a great time with the grandparents and it was good practice for everyone for our trip to Mexico!

Daisy is fighting a stomach bug this weekend. It hasn't been too bad, but I have cleaned up LOTS of messes, changed LOTS of diapers, and done LOTS of all know exactly what I mean.

I will leave you with a photo of our Valentine's funny that we each got a new pair!

Monday, February 15, 2010


Lots has been going on around happy Daddy is on vacation this week! Yea! And congrats to him on passing his final medical boards--we are so proud!

Here are some pictures to enjoy!

This is Daisy, hanging out with Mommy one day....'helping' in the kitchen as you can see!
My wonderful husband sent me flowers at work, aren't they beautiful!
Daisy and her Christmas dress turned Valentines dress with pink, belt, shoes and hairbow! (she is holding her Valentine's bear Auntie sent her!
We spent the evening with the Stewarts and Smiths the other are the kids playing SO CUTE!
Evan was pushing Jackson and Daisy on the train!
Evan, Daisy and Jackson are each 5 months apart from one another. It was so neat to see them interact together each at their different stage!
Isn't she looking so old? We are LOVING the pigtails...if only it wasn't so much work to get Daisy to sit still! I will have to post more pictures soon. Daisy, Chris and I each received shoes for valentines day! We all wore them today and took some pictures!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1, Toooh, 3

We took this video a while back after we had spent the weekend with Chris' parents. (Thus Grandpa is the favorite, if you can't tell) Daisy has really become a parrot since, repeating whatever you ask her to! It is hilarious to see how she is really trying hard to pronounce some of the words. Her newest, which is not on this video is bubbles (baa-ble). Enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Oklahoma Snow

What a crazy winter it has been. We had another snow today.....luckily it has stayed above freezing so the roads have been fine. The weathermen scared me into staying home though saying we were to get a "blast of Arctic air" that would cause everything to freeze, this has not happened, YET. The snowflakes were HUGE and wet this morning. I wanted Daisy to experience them, however she was NOT that impressed.

She did stick her tongue out once but didn't quite grasp "eating falling flakes"....and of course I missed the picture! I thought this one was cute of her "catching" the snowflakes. Please note the gloves she has tossed on the ground! They are predicting another round of accumulating snow possible for Thursday!!!! We will see. Hope everyone is staying warm!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Cheese and hairbows!

There are many things that I love about my wonderful little girl, but lately she is just tooo cute! She is speaking more and more words everyday! I love to have her repeat after me and it is funny how things come out. My favorite is how she says Grandpa (Ba-pa)! Other new words include, shoes, boots, two, bye bye, hi, bow, cheese, more, please (peas) and snacks. (duck, baby, mommy & daddy have been around awhile)

Another new favorite of Daisy's is hair bows.....she knows how to get them off of her hanger in her room and keeps wanting Chris and I to put them in her hair. These are some pictures of her sporting three at once! I love how girly she can be sometimes! (dont mind the fading bruise on the forehead)
Daddy and Daisy after bath! Look how big she is getting!
This is mommy and Daisy before Church last week. She just looked so cute in her sweater dress!
Lately it has been difficult to get Daisy to smile at the camera, now that she knows the word cheese she will look at the camera and say "CHEESE"....thus we get lots of funny faces, but still no true daisy smile. In these pictures below you can almost 'hear' her saying 'CHEESE'.

I also love how you can look in the backgrounds in each of these pictures and see what a lovely state daisy leaves the house in everyday, in every room!
In other news our friends the Powitzkys, had their baby yesterday, Congratulations! Sara Grace is 8lbs 5 oz and so perfect!
Daisy had to leave daycare today because she was inconsolable and pulling at her ear......surprise, she has an ear infection. No fever and she has been acting fine at home with mommy! Hopefully the medicine will clear it up fast. Great news though we have finally broke 20lbs...she was 20lbs 9 oz (fully clothed with wet diaper) at the doctor today! She has been eating like a horse.....they asked me about it at daycare the other day, I think she has her daddy's genes and she is probably getting ready to grow!
I hope everyone else is doing well.