Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Princess Tea Party

This weekend the kids and I headed to Joplin for a mommy and me, Harley Davidson, princess, tea party!!!! SUPER FUN. Daisy had the best time. Seriously. They got their hair done, nails painted, princess tattoos and of course Cinderella was there!!!! Here are our pictures:

Mommy and Daisy before the party.

Painting our coffee cup, waiting for the party to start.

Jasmine tattoo.
Getting our hair done.

There were 50 girls there with their moms and grandmas. It was so fun. Daisy was so sad when Cinderella left. She cried hard. She was the ONLY girl crying!!!

Of course I cant leave you without some photos of the HUD!!! He will be 4 months this weekend! I cannot believe it!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thunder Up!

We took Daisy to the Thunder game this weekend. She has talked all year long about going again, since she went last year. We told her that they were in a 'fight' and that we weren't sure if we could go. She was so excited when she found out the 'fight' was over. We got a babysitter for Hudson so it was a special Daisy night.

Here we are running down the hall on our way to the game. SUPER excited!

Dancing to music.
We were trying to get a cute smiling picture of us together and right as Chris was taking the picture the Thunder scored....look how excited she was! She was hilarious. She truly LOVES to watch and cheer.
oh, and eat popcorn!
What a fun night it was. If you haven't been to a game you should go. It makes you so proud to be from OKC!!! We LOVE our team!
Even though it was 50 degrees outside, Daisy found her and Hudson's warm items and insisted on wearing them. So we arranged a photo shoot. How cute are they???

Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh my!!!!

Happy Hudson and a tired mommy---pretty much sums things up!

We spent an entire week in Joplin before Christmas and then we were there again over Christmas. We had such a wonderful time. Here are some photos from Christmas Eve!
Daddy and Daisy playing in her tent!!! How cute is this photo?? Thankfully the tent stays at Nana's!
Daisy not only opened her gifts but Hudson's, which she often talks about how he can share his new toys since he is too little to play with them. We will see if the sharing goes both ways once Hud is a little older, I have my doubts about this.

We also got to spend some quality time with cousin lilly. Older cousins are great, but sometimes not the best influence.....we might have been pressured into telling our first lie to daddy over Christmas.....WOW!!!!

Hudson started school (day care). It is definitely easier to drop him off than it was daisy. Not only because he is the second but because I trust our day care. Here he is looking at the family board I made him!
Not sure what this photo is of, daddy took it. Daisy plays so well sometimes. I love watching her play and talk to her toys! She is seriously so cute!
Huddy's 3 month photo.....he has totally gained control of his head and is SUPER close to rolling from back to belly. He is definitely vocal like his sister. I starting to wonder what I'm going to do with two chatterboxes!!!

Sissy of course had to be apart of the photo shoot. She is so much help. Doesn't Hudson look so old here??

Love them.