Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baby News!

So the most exciting thing happened Friday night, we saw Baby Goff! Yes, we had an ultrasound (thanks Tam and David). It was so great, amazing actually. It is difficult to put it into words, but let me try: Baby Goff was lying perfectly horizontal, we could see spine, beating heart, arms, legs, hands, profile etc. (Chris could see heart valves--not me, I was too far away from the screen)The strangest thing was that Baby Goff was in constant motion. He/She kept kicking me, which I can not feel, so weird to watch it happen and not feel it! He/She also kept bringing his/her hands to his/her mouth! (For those of you who don't know, I was a thumb sucker until I went to school!) It was sooooo fun. It really makes things real. My ultrasound from my doctor is scheduled for April until then I will just keep picturing these images in my head.

PS---I had a doctor's appointment this past week. We heard the heartbeat again: 148 beats per minute. Things look good the doctor said. I can not wait until April.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

13.5 weeks! and other news.

Hello again. Sorry about the delay in not only my post, but letting everyone know about our website. Glad you made it. Well, I thought I would recap the past few weeks, so here it goes:

1. Birthday week! Yea! I turned 27.....besides being very tired I had a great week. First, Chris finished up his surgery rotation! Then, my mom came in for my birthday and we spent the weekend with our friends the Firestones--thanks for the cake everyone! Then my OBU friends threw me a party and Leslie surprised me by attending my party! We spent that weekend sneaking in as much Leslie time as we all could! Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends who made my birthday so special.
2. Brian and Jess: let me just say a little bit about our (Chris and I's) best friends Brian and Jess. They are the most wonderful couple. We have enjoyed getting to know them so much and they will be dearly missed, but lets not talk about that now, what I want to get at is CONGRATULATIONS! Yea, another couple is PG! How fun is it, that Jess and I are only 8 weeks apart. I am so excited!

3. Pantene Beautiful lengths: Yes, it was that time again, hair donation time. I have chopped it all off, in what some might call a pregnancy related hormonal decision, however, those of you who know me, I had been planning on this before baby goff was in the picture. Anyone interested, Pantene pro-V has partnered with the American Cancer Society to make real hair wigs for cancer patients. The minimum donation length is 8 inches, if interested go to Below you will find some pics of my new hairdo.

4. Pregnancy Update---this will come later this week. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.
5. Showers and upcoming nuptials: My good friend Danielle is getting married in a month!!! Wow, I cannot believe it is almost here. So this past weekend I attended a very fun shower of hers at a chocolate place in Guthrie Oklahoma. Good friends, good food, good times. Dara, another friend from college is having a baby in less than a month! So her shower is next weekend. It has been so fun to watch all of our lives change at such a rapid pace since we have graduated college. From new jobs, to husbands, to babies to new cities. The great thing is we have all remained so close. I treasure these friends! (ps. this is a picture taken of us from Dara's wedding in October 2006)